Hot Tub Time Machine

Lou stands up to the ski patrol guy and takes from him the Russian energy drink needed for the hot tub to send him and his friends back to the present. Adam (John Cusack) says good-bye to April (Lizzy Caplan) and she tells him that they should meet again and that maybe "the universe will join us again some day." The energy drink is poured into the hot tub's controls and everyone except Lou goes back to the present. Back in 2010, everyone's life has changed: Nick is a successful music producer and his wife didn't cheat on him (because in the past he called his wife and told her to not cheat). Adam is happily married to April. Jacob now has a relationship with a father he never met (Lou). Phil (Crispin Glover) had his arm re-attached thanks to some help from the ski patrol guys. Lou is married to Kelly (Jacob's mother). He used his knowledge of the future and made lots of money by inventing Google (now called Lougle) and also by being the singer of Motley Crue (Motley Lue).

Racer X

Factual error: The famous AFC Championship game that featured "The Drive" took place on January 11th, 1987, while the events of the film took place in 1986.


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Adam: I vowed to master the chaos.
April: You have to embrace the chaos. You have to, that way life might just astonish you.

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Trivia: When the foursome ski down the mountain and are looking around at the oddly dressed people, someone behind John Cusack says, "Hey Lane, you owe me two dollars". This was a nudge to John Cusack, who played Lane Meyers in "Better Off Dead" and was pursued in the snow by a crazed paper boy shouting "Two dollars!"

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Question: When the four main guys are first coming down the slope in 1986, the two from the ski patrol apparently don't recognize Jacob's snowboard. Though snowboards were still largely unknown in 1986, wouldn't someone who worked for a popular ski resort recognize them?


Chosen answer: The James Bond film "A View To A Kill" came out the year before in 1985. In the film, Bond's snowscooter is blown up by the Soviets, so he takes a wrecked ski from it and improvises it into a snowboard. Snowboards existed at the time, however, it wasn't until that film that their existence became well known. One year later in 1986, they'd still be very rare, but it's likely that his wasn't the first that the ski patrol had seen.

Captain Defenestrator

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