MacGruber (2010)


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Dieter Von Cunth: You punch like a little girl.
MacGruber: Well, you're gonna walk around like a little girl. 'Cause after I disarm this nuke, I'm gonna cut off your dick and.
Dieter Von Cunth: Shove it in my mouth. You're like a broken record.
MacGruber: The only record I'm gonna break is the "amount of your own dick in your mouth" record.

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Trivia: Of all people, famed director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, etc.) is reportedly a huge fan of the character and this film, and would constantly quote jokes from it on the set of "The Dark Knight Rises." He almost attended the cast table-read for the 2021 sequel series on streaming service Peacock, but was unable to. He sent the director an e-mail to read before the table reading, jokingly saying that the world was "watching" and "waiting" for more MacGruber.


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