American Pie Presents: The Book of Love

Trivia: When the main group decides to reconstruct the Bible, they flip through the library cards of the those who have used it. The first name on the first card is Noah Levenstein, who they subsequently call. One other card is visible next to it; the first name on that list is Kevin Myers, the guy who was given the Bible in the first American Pie movie. (01:04:15)

Continuity mistake: When Ashley is putting the lingerie into Rob's pants, and after he leans on her, it goes to a shot showing their waists, and her with her hand down his pants. In this shot, it shows that Ashley has her corset on again, but in the next shot, it's off. (00:25:10)


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Rob's Mom: Rob? I-I wanna have a little chat with you,.
Rob: Uhh, do we have to?
Rob's Mom: I found this sock? In-in the laundry.
Rob: Oh jeez, Mom put that away.

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