Annie (1999)

Ending / spoiler

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After Lilly accidentally spills the beans about where Miss Hannigan and Rooster are, the kids make her doubt that Rooster will give Lilly her cut of the money. Then Lilly and the girls run to Oliver Warbucks' and stop Rooster and Miss Hannigan as they try to run out the door with Annie. Rooster then questions Lilly why she is there. She demands her cut of the money, but then Miss Hannigan pushes Lilly out of her way. Suddenly, the girls that came with Lilly barge in, blocking the door. Rooster and Miss Hannigan flee to the opposite direction then are stopped by the president who identifies them. Miss Hannigan blames her brother and tries to convince Annie how good she's been to her. Annie takes the check out of Miss Hannigan's hand and mocks her, making her lash out at Annie and get hauled off to an asylum. The president then informs Annie that the F.B.I. were finally able to trace the handwriting on her note to David and Martha Bennett. Warbucks tells Annie that her parents had passed away some time ago. Annie, Grace and Oliver become a family, with the other girls to soon become adopted by good families.

Continuity mistake: When Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily are singing "Easy Street" outside in the street, Miss Hannigan beats her fur shawl on the ground, and a large piece of fur falls off it. In the next shot, this piece isn't lying on the ground anymore. (00:50:55)


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Kate: Mr. Bundles rolled Annie out with the dirty laundry.

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