The Spy Next Door
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Ian: You know about fashion?
Bob Ho: No, but I know women. Wear it like this. It's cool. I saw it in a movie.
Ian: What movie? Octopussy? This isn't 1985.

Poldark: Where is the file?
Ian: It's on my iPod on my desk at home.
Bob Ho: Now, see, you want to be a spy - never tell the truth to the bad guy.
Ian: Sorry. I'm new at this.

Farren: Bob, this is Larry.
Larry: Pleased to meet you, sir.
Bob Ho: Let's get some food.
Farren: He goes to the university.
Ian: He's a poet. Isn't it cool?
Bob Ho: It's rad. It's awesome. It's jiggy for shizzy. It's bomb.

Bob Ho: He is rare. He is amazing. He is the man.
Farren: How embarrassing.

Colton James: Oh, heck, man, don't get married. Just find some woman that you're gonna hate in five years and give her your house.

Bob Ho: Family isn't whose blood you carry. It's who you love, and who loves you.

Colton James: Oh, while I'm thinkin' about it, they suspect there may be a mole at the agency.
Bob Ho: They suspect me?
Colton James: Noooo. You know Glaze thinks you're the sharpest barb on the wire.
Bob Ho: I've no idea what that means.

Bob Ho: Can your mommy do that?

Bob Ho: So, tell me more about Halloween.
Nora: It's the best. You get candy, everyone pretends to be someone else, and nobody knows who you really are.
Bob Ho: Sounds familiar.

Poldark: I look like the French Prince of Belarus.

Nora: Mommy, that man can fly.

Bob Ho: I've brought down dictators. How tough can three kids be?

Bob Ho: If a man marries you, he marries all four of you.
Gillian: Don't forget the pig, the cat, and the turtle.

Poldark: How quickly can you give me orange jumpsuit?

Colton James: Now, how the heck are you gonna get in there? Jet pack?
Bob Ho: It's in the shop.

Russian Thug: What are you supposed to be?
Nora: A cyborg, sent from the future to blast you away.

Continuity mistake: When Gillian throws her headband at Bob, it then appears back on her head then disappears between shots. (01:16:30)

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Trivia: When Jackie confesses that he was orphaned and lived in a group home, this is true for both his character and in real life. Jackie's parents gave him up to the Peking Opera House because they could not afford to raise a child. There he learned how to sing and acrobatics along with his "brothers and sisters."

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