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D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)

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Corrected entry: When the USA are facing Germany Hall calls for the "Flying V". When they start off the "Flying V' Hall is at the front, leading the "Flying V". But when they are about to score the person at the back of the "Flying V" has the puck and the commentator mentions Hall has the puck, he shoots and scores, Hall has scored.

Correction: Right before Hall scores the announcer says that the person at the back passes to Hall and THEN Hall scores.

Corrected entry: During Team USA's second game against Iceland, the flying V fails and the announcer says there's a "four on none breakaway" for Iceland. But you can see that all five Iceland players are bearing down on Goldberg with no USA players to stop them.

Correction: Actually, the announcer states that is a "Four on none break for Iceland". He is assuming the upcoming score (4-0), not the number of players headed toward Goldberg.

Other mistake: When Adam comes in and says "when I woke up this morning, the pain was gone", Connie is mouthing his lines behind him.

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Coach Bombay: Haven't you guys been training in the off-season?
Lester Averman: You know, I knew we forgot something.

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Trivia: Notice that in the first and second movies, both "villain" teams (Hawks and Iceland) are wearing the same style uniforms; Only the teams's crests are different.

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Question: Although I enjoy the game of ice hockey, I still haven't fully understood the tactics teams have. Having said that, what is the tactics of putting 2 heavy enforcers in Fulton Reed and Dean Portman on the same line? Wouldn't it be better if they were on separate lines throughout the games, having at least one heavy hitting enforcer on the ice longer than 2 on the same line that I've noticed in the movies?


Answer: There may be a number of reasons, but the most likely is that, if players work really well together, it makes sense to have them on the same line, regardless if they are both enforcers or not. To give an example, the 1990s Detroit Red Wings had the "Grind Line", which consisted of three forwards who were all known for their aggressive, physical style. The two wingers in particular were team enforcers. They meshed so well as a unit it wouldn't have been as effective to split them onto different lines, just to provide an enforcer to each. The combination of all three on one line worked very well, and other teams copied the format, though of course it was not unique to this team (see, for example, the Philadelphia Flyers' Legion of Doom).

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