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Corrected entry: During the first Iceland versus Ducks game, you can see that Iceland's uniforms actually read "Island".

Correction: Island is Icelantic for Iceland. It only makes sense that their uniforms would say that.

Correction: Iceland's jerseys read the same during the second match up as well. I am currently watching the movie and found this site while searching for why the jerseys read Island.

Corrected entry: It is stated that Dwayne is from Austin, Texas. Austin is very urban, yet Dwayne goes on about cows and chickens etc... and he is sharp with a lasso. They make it seem as though he lives on a farm. Is it me or is he just a bad example of a Texan stereotype?

Correction: Been to Dallas and Houston before-they frequently have cowboys, horses, cows, etc. walking the streets in those cities.

Corrected entry: For a major sporting event such as the Junior Goodwill Games, USA would not pick one team who won state finals as their national team, give or take a few players. For an event like this, there would have been national tryouts.

Correction: Coach Bombay made it a condition of his hire that he get to pick the majority of the players for the team. He then selected the team he had won with in the past.

Corrected entry: When Dwayne left the bench to rope the Icelandic player, in addition to the 2 minutes he got for "roping", he should've been assessed with a game misconduct penalty for leaving the bench.

Correction: He surely got a game misconduct for his little incident. The announcer was simply making a joking comment about his penalty being for "roping" because it's a very unusual thing to be penalized for. Not very often do you see a hockey player rope another one like he's roping cattle.

Corrected entry: Right before the Icelandic player hits Banks' arm with his stick, you can see the actor playing Banks stretch his arm out in front of him for no other reason than to get into position to be hit.


Correction: Banks was actually stretching his arm out to tap the top of the goal with his stick. He was taunting the goalie about the goal he just scored.

Yeah but you gotta admit he left his arm outstretched for an extra long time.

Corrected entry: When Gordon Bombay calls his team to the bench to apologize for not being there for them, during the game against Germany, he doesn't call for a timeout. Team USA would've been assessed a 2 minute penalty for delay of game.

Correction: It was before a face off. You can do that because you see the players on the ice huddling up.

Corrected entry: In a shootout you aren't allowed to stop because once you stop you are done, so Fulton's goal and Gunner's shot would not have counted.

Correction: In a shootout, it is perfectly permissible to stop skating, just as long as the puck remains in motion and does not cross the goal line.

Corrected entry: That goal would not count - running into the goalie is a penalty.

Correction: It depends on the circumstance. True, if a player just cruises through the crease and takes out the goalie, there are a few different penalties that can be called. However, if the player running the goalie has help (ie from a defending player), it's up to the referee's discretion. The real issue in the game is whether or not the net was dislodged before or after the puck went in.

Corrected entry: The tournament is a double elimination tournament, as you hear the announcer saying, but Iceland and the Mighty Ducks still play each other in the championship, even though they both lost one game. This is not possible, because in double-elimination, there will always be one team in the finals that is undefeated. (To win the championship, the undefeated team either beats the team with one loss, or the team with one loss has to win back-to-back games).

Correction: The way the tournament is set up in the movie (whether a valid or invalid form in real life is irrelevant as long as it stays true to the movie's format) is double elimination. There are 2 groups of 5 teams, with group A playing amongst themselves and group B doing likewise until the final 4 teams remained (2 from each group). At which point Group A's #1 team played Group B's #2 and vice versa. But this resulted in all 4 teams having 1 loss, so teams switched opponents, so Group A's #1 (Iceland) played Group B's #1 (Canada) and USA played Russia. With Iceland and USA both winning, it sent them to the finals.


Corrected entry: When an Iceland player crashes into the goalie and the puck supposedly goes in the net for a goal, when the camera switches to the overhead shot there is no puck going into the net.

Correction: The puck can be seen sliding out behind the net when the players bump into the wall.

Correction: If you rewatch, he never goes past center ice. I noticed that too.

Corrected entry: When Gordon walks into the locker room for practice (which Ms. McKay cancels) there are hockey pucks set next to each other on the players stools in front of their lockers. In the next shot where Ms. McKay tells Gordon she has cancelled practice, the pucks are stacked on top of each other.

Correction: Having just watched the movie now, I don't see any pucks next to each other on the stools. I do however see 3 rolls of tape stacked, blue, white, and black. And this was the same shot when Bombay walks in to when McKay tells him she cancelled practice.

Corrected entry: After the first loss to Iceland, Bombay makes team USA do Sprints right after the game. This is a reference to the 1980 USA Olympic Team that lost to their biggest rivals by a big amount and had to do Sprints right after as well.

Correction: In 1980, the U.S. team did the wind sprints after a tie, not a loss, and not to their biggest rivals, but to Norway.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of Team USA's first game against Iceland, Banks gets the puck after Goldberg makes a save, and the announcer says "Captain Adam Banks" has the puck. But Adam isn't the captain; Charlie is.

Correction: Character mistake on the part of the announcer, but not a movie mistake as he did call out the right player.


Corrected entry: In one of the first scenes, where the Ducks get their new outfits and are training, Karp's uniform actually has his name spelt wrong on his shirt. It is spelt "CARP" instead of "KARP", but then in the next scene and for the remainder of the movie, the uniform reads "KARP".

Correction: They could have changed it during the games.

Corrected entry: Why would the Iceland players and coach talk privately with each other in English? Living in the San Francisco Bay Area I know a lot of people who speak English as a second language, and they very rarely talk to each other in anything other than their native tongue.


Correction: This is a typical plot device so that the audience can understand what is being said without the benefit of subtitles. There are scads of movies set in foreign lands, for example, but all the characters speak English because the movie was filmed by English speakers for English speakers.


Corrected entry: In the final shootout scene, when the final duck player is on his breakaway, you will notice, as the camera view shifts from the player, to the goalie, to the fans and whatever else, the player changes from a lefty to a righty several times.

Correction: He may have switched hands. He never said if he was a righty or lefty so he may be ambidextrous which means he has the ability to switch from left to right.

Corrected entry: There is no possible way that within the 30 second time-out the ducks took, to have what "goldberg" and "russ" do, which was switch pads. There is no way that "russ" could've put on the leg pads, blocker, glove, and other pads in 30 seconds.

Correction: They don't switch pads, Goldberg still has all of his on for the rest of the movie. They just take out Goldberg and strap pads onto Russ.


Corrected entry: The Ducks have their press conference at the Coliseum, they hang out in Beverly Hills, Bombay is staying in Malibu, and the team's practices and games are in Anaheim. These locations are MILES apart; it would take Bombay over an hour to get from his rented house to practice. Not very good planning on Hendrix Hockey's part.


Correction: When Bombay is walking into his new place, he specifically asks the Hendrix guy if he shouldn't be closer to the ducks.


Correction: Checking IS allowed at this level of hockey, unless it is a girls league, which it isn't.

Revealing mistake: In the final game against Iceland scene, there is a point where you can see that the people in the stands are actually cardboard cut-outs.

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Dwayne: Where I come from we treat ladies with respect.
Connie: Thank you, Dwayne, but I'm no lady. I'M A duck.

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Trivia: Notice that in the first and second movies, both "villain" teams (Hawks and Iceland) are wearing the same style uniforms; Only the teams's crests are different.

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Question: What happened to Terry, Tommy, Karp, Peter and Tammy?

Answer: Their absence is never explained so it can be assumed they either moved away, lost an interest in hockey, or couldn't participate for some other reason. Terry's brother Jesse is still on the team so he probably hasn't moved.


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