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Knight & Day (2010)

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June Havens (Cameron Diaz) learns that Roy Miller's (Tom Cruise) real name is Matthew Knight. She meets his parents who think he is dead. The "zephyr" battery is unstable and self-destructs, taking out Agent Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard). June sneaks Roy out of CIA custody in the hospital and he blacks out. When he comes to she gives him ice cream and they drive off down the coast to Cape Horn, like he always wanted.


Continuity mistake: After June follows Roy in the middle of the night, she gets taken into the secret service. Out the back windows, it is pitch dark. Out every other window, striking daylight shines through.

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Miller: Some people are gonna come looking for you now.
June Havens: Why?
Miller: They'll tell you I'm mentally unstable and violent and dangerous and it will all sound very convincing.
June Havens: I'm already convinced.

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Trivia: Celia Weston plays Tom Cruise's mother in the movie, even though in real life she's only 10 years older than him.

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