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Corrected entry: Roy says that the Zephyr is the first perpetual energy source since the sun. The sun isn't perpetual, it's more like it has a nine billion year gastank.


Correction: For most people, 9 billion years is plenty long enough to be considered perpetual. Roy's not a scientist.


Corrected entry: On board the airplane, when the cockpit door swings open after the crew has been shot, a twilight/night sky is visible through the cockpit window while bright sunlight is still coming through the cabin/passenger windows.

Correction: That happens when you're at 40000 feet.


Continuity mistake: After June follows Roy in the middle of the night, she gets taken into the secret service. Out the back windows, it is pitch dark. Out every other window, striking daylight shines through.

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Roy Miller: I warned you about the plane.
June Havens: No you didn't!
Roy Miller: I said that some things happen for a reason.
June Havens: That's not a warning! A warning is, June, if you get on this plane, you will fucking die!

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Trivia: Celia Weston plays Tom Cruise's mother in the movie, even though in real life she's only 10 years older than him.

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