Knight & Day

Audio problem: During their conversation on the plane, when Cameron Diaz tells Tom Cruise about the wedding gift for her sister being a car, during shot when she says "kinda like a present from my dad too you know" you can see her mouth doesn't move. It's not because of the angle of the shot either; you can see her mouthing moving from the same angle during other parts of the conversation.


Audio problem: When Roy shoots the first two guys above them right after he stops the car you can't hear the shots when he starts shooting: there is a delay of about half a second. (00:28:15)


Audio problem: When Eduardo is telling Antonio about Roy Miller over the phone, Antonio responds to him (in Spanish), but his words do not match the movements of his mouth at all.


Continuity mistake: After June follows Roy in the middle of the night, she gets taken into the secret service. Out the back windows, it is pitch dark. Out every other window, striking daylight shines through.

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Miller: Nobody follow us, or I kill myself and then her.

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Trivia: Celia Weston plays Tom Cruise's mother in the movie, even though in real life she's only 10 years older than him.

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