Toy Story 3

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head, Rex and Ham escape from Sunnyside via a garbage truck. They are rescued by the three-eyed alien toys from ending up in the incinerator. Lotso is picked up by a garbageman and tied to the front of his truck. The toys make it home and Woody decides to leave a note on their box. Andy reads the note and instead of putting them in the attic donates the toys to Bonnie. Andy also decides to give Woody to her. He and Bonnie play with the toys before he drives off. Barbie and Ken stay behind at Sunnyside and make it a fun, fair place for the toys.


Continuity mistake: When Woody and Co. accidentally configure Buzz to his Spanish setting, they remove two small screws from his back that fall onto the floor. But once Ham starts reading from the instruction manual, one of the screws that landed next to him has disappeared.


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Question: Why did Lotso take over Sunnyside Daycare and turn it into a prison for the toys?


Answer: He was so angry at his owner for replacing him that he chose to take his rage out on other toys.

Max Thompson

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