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Corrected entry: When Buzz gets thrown at the window during playtime at Sunnyside, if you look real closely you can see Andy's name is missing from his foot. It returns when the gang wakes up at night. (00:33:00)

Correction: When Buzz is tossed and lands on the blue bookcase, in his closeups his right foot is slanted in such a way that "Andy" can't be seen too clearly, however we can see that there is indeed writing on the bottom of his right foot, where "Andy" should be.

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Corrected entry: When the Telephone approaches Woody to tell him how to escape by defeating the monkey, it motions to Woody that he needs to pick up the orange receiver to speak and listen. Woody complies. Later when Lotso catches the toys escaping, the Telephone appears on the wall's ledge and says "They broke me" which everyone can now hear without the receiver being used.

Correction: The receiver was used previously for secrecy's sake, to ensure that absolutely no one could overhear.

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Corrected entry: When Andy pulls up to Bonnie's house, he parks across the street. The vantage point of Bonnie looking at Andy getting out of the car, shows houses behind Andy's car. But when he drives off, the street suddenly has become a cul-de-sac; and what was a horizontal street has now become a vertical one.


Correction: It's not a cul-de-sac, it's a T-intersection with the gate to Bonnie's house at the head of the T. Andy parks in front of the house on the corner and then makes a right turn (offscreen) for the shot where he drives off. The reason we don't see this road before is because of the angle of the shots. It's only revealed in the final shot when the camera's angle is directly through the gate, not at angle.

Corrected entry: A slightly older Boo (from Monsters, Inc.) is one of the children in the Butterfly Room at Sunnyside Daycare. She is first seen when the toys get their first look at the Butterfly Room, she is playing with the sunflower and blue cat toys at the time.

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Correction: Lee Unkrich has confirmed on his official formspring that that was in fact NOT Boo.

Corrected entry: The way the Toys make it back to Andy's from the Day Care Center, is that they catch a ride on the garbage truck. BUT the garbage truck already had picked up the garbage from Andy's street that week! Trash is picked up once a week; not twice.


Correction: Trash is picked up twice a week where I live (northeast U.S.) and also where my relatives live (southeast U.S., southwest U.S.).


Corrected entry: When the toys put Buzz in Spanish mode, they remove two screws and pull down a back panel. Once Buzz is in Spanish mode, he jumps up and the panel is put back in place. The screws were never put back in to keep the panel closed.


Correction: Already submitted and corrected. The screws themselves do not hold the panel in place, they are just there to keep small children from opening the panel and playing with the batteries. A countless number of real toys employ this practice.

Corrected entry: When Woody escapes Sunnyside and climbs onto the roof, we are shown a shot of the entire rooftop, and no kite is to be seen anywhere on the roof, yet moments later, it's conveniently there when Woody's hat blows off (and then provides his escape over the walls).


Correction: We are actually shown a shot of one side of the rooftop, not the entire thing. The kite could easily have been on the other side that we isn't shown.


Corrected entry: When Woody returns to daycare, he learns that every room in Sunnyside is watched by the monkey, and whenever a toy escapes, the monkey is supposed to turn on the alarm to let Lotso's gang know that someone has escaped. Earlier in the film however, Buzz escapes the room and goes through the hallway to the snack machine without getting caught.

Correction: The daycare wasnt on lock down yet. this has already been submitted and corrected.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Woody, Barbie, Rex, and The Pig try to fix Buzz they unscrew his battery compartment to attempt to switch him back, after a while Buzz immediately gets up with his battery compartment completely screwed back on when nobody screwed it back on and stays that way the rest of the movie. (00:43:25 - 01:07:05)

Correction: It's simply snapped shut. When Buzz jumps it the back cover swings up and closes itself. The screw is just a precaution that companies take so young children dont open the compartment and mess around with the batteries. The screw itself is rarely the sole reason the doors stay closed.


Corrected entry: When the "caterpillar room" children go outside for recess, the clock shows 3:00; when they return to the room for Andy's toys' first playtime, the clock shows 1:00.


Correction: The clock actually shows 12:15 when they go outside for recess, meaning they were given 45 minutes when they come back in at 1:00.


Corrected entry: Barbie dresses up in Ken's astronaut outfit to get Buzz Lightyear's instruction manual from the Bookworm. We don't see her ask for the manual, but the Bookworm falls for the ruse, believing her to be Ken, and hands over the manual. There's no way Barbie could have asked for the instructions, though, because as soon as she opened her mouth, the Bookworm would have known that she wasn't really Ken.

Correction: Barbie dressed as an astronaut for a reason. Since "he" was an astronaut, that meant to the Bookworm that "he" had to communicate without words, so "he" most likely used poses to let the Bookworm know what "he" was looking for.

I don't see how that makes sense. Does the Bookworm know all of Ken's outfits? Unlikely. And how would Barbie use poses to let the Bookworm know what she wants exactly? Surely that would just raise suspicion.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are at the dump and going through the tunnel towards the furnace, there is a huge magnet above them collecting all metal, the first toy to go is Slinky because of his metal spring, once they get past the shredder all the toys let go of the metal materials and fall down. How does Slinky fall down while the strong magnet is still holding onto all things metal and he is made of a lot of metal?

Correction: The other toys weighed him down. The director himself confirmed this.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the TV falls on Buzz, his helmet breaks but later appears fixed. (01:01:00 - 01:26:55)

Correction: Buzz's helmet is still intact. When Jessie drags him to the side she actually has to press a button to open his helmet up. The glass that was on Buzz was actually from the TV screen, not Buzz himself.

Corrected entry: In the first film, Woody fends of Sid's mutant toys with Buzz's karate-chop mode, which is activated by pushing the purple button on the back of Buzz's jetpack. This film shows that his jetpack is his battery compartment and there are no physical connections between the purple karate chop button and the rest of Buzz's body that would allow it to control his karate chop.


Correction: The button on the pack depresses to press another button embedded in Buzz's actual back.

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Corrected entry: In the daydream sequence at the start of the film, Jessie is there with Andy being a boy and his sister, Molly, being a toddler. Jessie didn't come in until the second film when Andy was older so Jessie shouldn't be in this sequence.

Correction: Little enough time passed between the films that Molly could still be in her toddler stage.

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Corrected entry: The burn mark between Woody's eyebrow (from his run-in with Sid in the first movie) comes and goes throughout the entire movie.


Correction: Andy could easily have painted over the burn mark or had his mum do it. Woody is his favourite toy, so he would undoubtedly not want a burn mark on him. The same goes for his arm from Toy Story 2.


Corrected entry: When the toys are in the garbage shredder place, Bullseye is not there, but is there when they all hold hands and escape.

Correction: He is shown before and after. Just because we don't see him in one particular sequence does not mean he wasn't present.

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Corrected entry: In Toy Story 2, Woody gets his arm torn by Stinky Pete. Andy carries out a sloppy repair job, leaving Woody with a bulging bicep. In Toy Story 3, Woody appears in immaculate condition.

Correction: Toy Story 3 takes place years after part 2. As Andy grew older he obviously thought he could do a better repair job, or had it re-done professionally. After all, Woody is his favorite toy.

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Corrected entry: During the train scene at the beginning, Woody jumps on the locomotive and applies the brakes, stopping the wheels and causing sparks to appear. But when the train fails to stop and falls off, the wheels on the locomotive are rolling freely.

Correction: This scene is being played in a child's imagination. Absolutely anything can happen.

Corrected entry: While in the end credits when Trixie and Rex play on the computer, Trixie looks green. In several shots she is blue.


Correction: Trixie is blue. She looks green behind the computer because of the light of the screen


Continuity mistake: During Andy's daydream at the beginning of the film, Mr. Potato Head has an eye patch over his left eye. When the daydream cuts back to reality we see that Andy has removed Mr. Potato Head's left eye to symbolize the eye patch. But when Andy's mum comes in with the video camera, his left eye is suddenly back in. (00:01:15 - 00:05:25)

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Trivia: The trashman is Sid from Toy Story 1. (00:16:10)

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