Iron Man 2

Trivia: At the race in Monaco the English pilot is named Chapman - a reference to Joseph Chapman, aka Union Jack in the comics.


Trivia: The guy who gives the Monaco ticket to Ivan is a member of the ten rings, the alliance ruled by The Mandarin.


Trivia: When Tony is flipping through his father's notebooks, he comes across a sketch of an object that looks like a cube within a cube with lines connecting the corners. This object is called a tesseract, which is a three-dimensional model of a four-dimensional object. Or in this case, a two-dimensional drawing of a three-dimensional model of a four-dimensional object. This is a foreshadowing of The Tesseract, one of the Infinity Stones, which plays a huge part in several of the other Marvel movies.


Continuity mistake: In the final scene when Stark, Rhodes and the senator have a picture taken, Tony's jacket is first buttoned, then unbuttoned from the same viewing angle. (01:56:50)


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Nick Fury: Sir! I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut!

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Question: Can someone please tell me why Stark brought strawberries when he visits Pepper in her office? He knows that she is allergic to them and we know that he likes/loves her, but it was a spiteful and mean thing to do. Not to mention insensitive. If he did that just to get the model, couldn't he had done it differently? The whole idea just doesn't make sense to me.

Answer: He wanted to do something nice for her, but since he is a pretty self-absorbed, shallow multi-billionaire, he forgot about her allergy. He remembered that there was SOMETHING about her and strawberries, but misremembered and thought it meant she really liked them. He makes a simple human mistake, not out of meanness or spite, but because he honestly does not remember.


Answer: I've only watched this movie once but I think he got the strawberries from the man on the side of the road, and he just didn't want them. The man did just place them on the seat of Tony's car.

He stopped on the side of the road to get the strawberries. The man didn't throw them into his car as he drove by.


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