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Charlie: Wait, wait a minute, this can't be happening to me. I'm nobody. I'm just a waitress! I don't even own a car.

Howard Anderson: Audrey? Honey? Your mother was wondering if you got dressed this morning with the specific intention of showing your ass off to the entire world.
Audrey Anderson: You know that's because I woke up hoping to get double-teamed by a couple of meth-head truckers in some bathroom of a desert shithole. It's a good thing we got stuck here.
Howard Anderson: I feel satisfied with that answer. I really do.
Sandra Anderson: I'm being punished for something. I know it.

Gabriel: This can't be. You disobeyed him.
Michael: You gave him what he asked for. I gave him what he needed.

Michael: Now at least the child will have a chance to grow up. A chance to lead the world out of darkness.
Charlie: What happens until then?
Michael: You need to show him how.
Charlie: What makes you think I can do that? What makes you think I want to do that? If he's so important, why don't you take him?
Michael: Because this journey is yours.

Percy Walker: I knew this day was coming. I just didn't think I'd be round to see it.
Bob Hanson: Come on, Percy. What are we even talkin bout this for? Angels and possessed people? It's not real! It's.
Percy Walker: Have you looked outside, Bob? I mean, those people aren't exactly are regular customers.

Michael: I knew He'd send you, Gabriel... You were always so eager to please Him.
Gabriel: Unlike you... The rebellious son.

Gabriel: They have brought this judgment on themselves.
Michael: They are just lost. It is our duty to guide them.

Bob Hanson: You know this is crazy, right? I mean... I don't even believe in God.
Michael: Well, that's just fine, Bob. He doesn't believe in you either.

Bob Hanson: Where are the flies?
Kyle Williams: How am I supposed to know? You're asking me to explain the behavior of a muthafuckin' pestilence?

Michael: The last time God lost faith in Man, He sent a flood. This time, He sent what you see outside.
Percy Walker: Are you saying this is the apocalypse?
Michael: I'm saying this is an extermination.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the mother runs outside to save her husband, the cook grabs her before the husband explodes, shielding her from his body liquid. The cook's upper back is visible and clean as he carries her inside, yet when he falls over dead, the damage done is clear up to below his shirt's collar.

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Question: Did I miss something somewhere? What was so special about the baby that its birth would change everything?


Chosen answer: It is implied that this baby is destined to grow into a leader, a person of power, authority, and influence in the world and will be a champion for peace and the unity of all mankind.

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