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Continuity mistake: After Kyle dies, Audrey jumps off the diner's roof and starts shooting at the possessed people. She runs out of bullets and gets into the blue van. One of the possessed scratches the top left corner of the windshield. These scratches disappear. (01:09:45)


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Kyle holds the little boy in his arms and shoots the possessed ones, the boy has his head on Kyle's chest. In the next shot, the boy has his face just next to Kyle, like a hug. (01:09:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the mother runs outside to save her husband, the cook grabs her before the husband explodes, shielding her from his body liquid. The cook's upper back is visible and clean as he carries her inside, yet when he falls over dead, the damage done is clear up to below his shirt's collar.

Continuity mistake: Howard gets bitten on the neck by the creepy old lady. Kyle takes off his green scarf to apply pressure to the wound. It turns into a white napkin before turning back into the scarf again. (00:27:20)


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Continuity mistake: The blue van comes to the station and parks after the lights come back on in the diner. When the driver gets out of the van, the car has moved backwards a couple of meters. (01:06:55)


Revealing mistake: When Mike shoots the cop in the beginning you see him fall on a mat to cushion his fall.

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Continuity mistake: Charlie brings the super rare steak to the creepy old lady, Gladys, who asks her about her baby's father. Gladys has a white bag in the seat next to her. In consecutive shots, the straps are either down on the seat or up on the seat's back. (00:24:45)


Continuity mistake: After the cloud of flies, Kyle and the others get back to the diner and put the suburban beside the building. In some shots later the truck changes position.


Other mistake: In the last scene when Jeep, Charlie, and the baby are driving off, the gearshift of the truck is located in "park". That is located at the topmost point of the gearshift's travel.

Charlie: Wait, wait a minute, this can't be happening to me. I'm nobody. I'm just a waitress! I don't even own a car.

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Question: Did I miss something somewhere? What was so special about the baby that its birth would change everything?


Chosen answer: It is implied that this baby is destined to grow into a leader, a person of power, authority, and influence in the world and will be a champion for peace and the unity of all mankind.

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