The Tournament

The Tournament (2009)

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Plot hole: Although it is true that CCTV-camera's are "everywhere", it is highly unlikely they are placed in churches under low angles (MacAvoy's Church) or that two separate ones are pointed at a dumpster in the middle of nowhere (Slade's first kill).


Continuity mistake: At 41 minutes 45 seconds into the film,the character Anton drops a gun, but in the next shot he still has 2 guns.

Other mistake: At the gas station, Lai Lai's tracker picks up on two other contestants approaching but fails to show the position of Father MacAvoy, who is standing right beside her.


Continuity mistake: At 0:55:13 the countdown is shown with 6:38 left, but some cuts later (illustrating some hours passing by) at 0:55:40 the same countdown is shown with 7:02 left to go. (00:55:15)

Factual error: In the scene near the start of the film where Lai Lai gets off the train and looks at the card for the hotel it shows the first part of the postcode as 'M14' but the hotel is in Middlesbrough where postcodes start with 'TS' - M14 would be in Manchester.

Father MacAvoy: God, I need a drink.
Lai Lai Zhen: You drink too much, and your eyes give you away. You damage your liver.
Father MacAvoy: That's just perfect. That's just exactly what I need. Health advice from a hit man.

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