It's Complicated

Continuity mistake: When Jane is crying and staring at the sky she is not holding a napkin, as the scene cuts back she is.

Continuity mistake: During the bath scene where Jane is in the tub and Jake is sitting there talking, the candle on the window sill changes location. In the close up shots the candle and mug on the window sill are right next to one another. In the wide shots, the candle is towards the middle of the window.


Continuity mistake: When Jane is drinking a martini at the bar, before the meal arrives, her hands are constantly changing positions between shots, from holding the glass to being on the table to being up by her face.


Continuity mistake: In the shot where the family is together in the kitchen and Jake walks in, Harley is pouring wine into a wine glass. He pours it all the way to the top. The camera pans away for a quick second, and then pans back to Harley and the glass is now half full.

Continuity mistake: When Baldwin and Streep are at the bar, one camera shot shows her drink swirling in the glass. The camera cuts to another shot and the liquid is perfectly still.

Continuity mistake: When Alec Baldwin at the beginning of the movie mentions the trip to Spain, he brings the glass of champagne to his lips. They greet Ollie in the next shot (his already popped in the current view), and Baldwin's hand is down, he repeats the action to raise it and drink from his glass only a second later. (00:02:15)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jake and Jane are in the bar sharing a drink, Jake's hands are seated on the bar top as he speaks. As the film cuts to a closer shot of the two, his right hand is not only raised off the bar, but is holding his drink which had previously been sitting close to his left hand.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the family sits to eat, as Jake is leaving, Harley takes the green beans and places it next to his future mother in law. After the camera goes to Jake standing by the door. When the camera comes back to the family, the beans are once again in Harley's hands.

Continuity mistake: When Jane and Adam are rolling the dough for the croissants, there is a closeup on a hand cutting the dough in v-shapes, which is a man's hand even though Jane is the one cutting.

Continuity mistake: Jake Adler at the beginning of the movie is taking a dramatic pause during a toast, and the woman who turns out to be his now ex wife, Jane, continues the sentence for him. During this first exchange, Meryl Streep 's hand changes position on the glass continuously. Sometimes she holds it right at the stem, other times her fingers engage the cup. (00:01:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Jane is crying and staring at the sky she is not holding a napkin, as the scene cuts back she is.

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Jane: I like a lot of semen, always have.

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Question: Is Pedro actually Jake's biological son? I'm sure in the movie it mentions he wasn't and Agnes had him before meeting Jake.

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