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Hooker: You wanna see my leg?
Frank Goode: Wanna see mine?

Amy: I tell you the good news and spare you the bad. Isn't that what mom used to do for you when we were kids?

Art Gallery Girl: He used to say that if it wasn't for his dad he never would have become an artist. He said he would have ended up painting walls, and that dogs pee on walls.

Young Man in Diner #1: I'm 94. I keep away from the doctors.
Frank Goode: Boy.
Young Man in Diner #1: I have three children, six grandchildren. They're busy. They're too busy to talk to me. I gotta make an appointment. They got lost some place. They don't need anybody. People changed, life is changed. Today, you shake hands with somebody, you gotta count your fingers to make sure you got five fingers back.

Rosie: We could just talk to mom.
Frank Goode: Oh, but you couldn't just talk to me?
Rosie: Well she was a good listener, you were a good talker.
Frank Goode: Well so that's good, we made a good team.

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