The Blind Side

Factual error: Just before Michael and Leigh Anne enter the Big and Tall store, they walk past a Georgia Lottery 'PLAY HERE' sign, and several paces later Leigh Anne says, "I have been in Memphis my whole life..." illustrating that it was filmed in Atlanta, GA, not Memphis, TN. (00:32:30)

Factual error: When the family eats at Thanksgiving they are watching the Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Mississippi State which is always played on Thanksgiving. But you can see through the windows that it is light outside and the Egg Bowl is played at night. Even if it was the start of the game, the game starts at 6 pm Atlanta time which is dark by then.

Jody Williams

Continuity mistake: When Leigh Anne is on the field explaining to Michael how to play taking care of his teammates, the sun changes between shots.


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Coach Cotton: What did you say to him?
Leigh Anne Touhy: You should really get to know your players. Michael scored in the 98th percentile in protective instincts.

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Question: Do the real Mr. and/or Mrs. Tuohy have a cameo in this film?

Answer: Just the photographs during the closing credits.

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