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Date Night (2010)

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Continuity mistake: After Claire and Phil steal Holbrooke's car, they pull over to the side of the road to talk about their marriage. They both have seatbelts on at first, but in several shots Claire does not have her seatbelt on, while in other shots she does.

Cal K.

Visible crew/equipment: During the credits, Katy arrives home. When she closes the door, a big lighting screen gets reflected on the glass in it.

Sacha Premium member

Other mistake: During the scene where Phil and Claire break into the real estate office to look up the name of her past client, Claire says his name is Holbrooke Grant. She types that into the computer to search for it, but it's shown as Holbrooke, Grant. With the comma, that would make Grant his first name.

Cal K.

Continuity mistake: When Claire and Phil steal Holbrooke's car and are being shot at by the detectives, we see one shot take off the driver's side mirror completely. In the subsequent shots, starting with the one of Phil shooting back at them, there is now a partial mirror there.


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Phil tells the couple that he's giving them 600 USD back, the pencils in the cube keep changing positions all the time.

Sacha Premium member

Factual error: When Phil Foster and the cabbie are trying to access the files on the flash drive, they use an Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle does not have a USB connection for a flash drive.


Continuity mistake: When Phil is talking to the couple about their tax refund, the man has his hand resting on his head, but when the shot cuts, his arm is across the back of his girlfriend's seat. (00:02:45)

Cubs Fan Premium member

Other mistake: At the beginning of the cabbie scene when Phil attempts to free the car from the taxi the second time, he is driving forward and the taxi is being pushed backwards. However when Phil hits the brakes the cabbie lurches forward (towards his dashboard). As his car was going backwards, a sudden stop should have pushed him back into his seat rather than lurching him forward towards the dash. (01:08:45)

Nik Rolls

Continuity mistake: Claire and Phil are having dinner and talking about the couples around. She is always playing with her fork, touching the food but not eating it. Suddenly, in the next angle the fork is up and she is chewing.

Sacha Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: When Phil and Claire flees from the real estate office. You can see Steve Carell's mic pack flying around his ankles while he is running across the street. (00:35:37)

Phil Foster: [To Holbrooke.] Would you please, for the love of God, PUT ON A FUCKING SHIRT?!?

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Trivia: Tina Fey used her own personal retainer for the movie. The filmmakers added sugar syrup to make it extra nasty for the film and Fey said her teeth hurt for 3 days (Entertainment Weekly, 16 Apr 2010).

Tricia Webster Premium member

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