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Midnight Express (1978)

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Visible crew/equipment: Towards the end of the film when Billy runs at the top of the screen towards the exit of the jail, you can see the film crew at the bottom of the screen.

Visible crew/equipment: When Billy bribes the main guard, who then drags him up to his office, the camera pulls back dramatically to reveal a crew member tracking them with a boom mic.

Visible crew/equipment: When Billy's girlfriend, Susan, visits him at the insane asylum section of the prison, just before Susan enters there is a reflection of a crew member on the left side of the screen giving the shot a ghostlike image. (01:35:15)


Visible crew/equipment: Billy is going crazy, kicking a guy on the ground. The camera follows the action. In one scene the shadow of the operator is blatant on the left side. (01:37:00)


Visible crew/equipment: Billy runs into a bus, narrowly missing a door closing. He looks out the window and smiles. The head of a crew member is visible reflected in the glass.


Revealing mistake: Watch carefully during the fight scene between Billy and Rifki, you can see the stuntmen a few times.

Billy Hayes: It looks like a cheap hotel.
Jimmy: Only the room service is lousy. I'm Jimmy Booth. This is Erich - something Swedish, I don't know.
Erich: Just Erich.
Jimmy: He cleaned you up.
Billy Hayes: Thanks. I'm Billy Hayes. At least, I used to be.

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Question: When they start exploring the catacombs under the prison, where did they get a flashlight?


Answer: Exactly. How they got it, we don't know. Hence my question, to find out something I didn't know.


Answer: I don't recall that it was explained, but it was probably stolen from a guard at some point and later traded from another prisoner.


I could assume that, sure, but I was looking for a more precise explanation. The more likely explanation is that they needed a light and the writers hoped no-one would notice. Seems like they could have used some sort of burning torches instead.


There is no precise explanation because it's not revealed in the plot how they got it. What they "could" have used is fan speculation, which opens dozens of possibilities, none of which are substantiated or relevant. They obviously obtained the flashlight, so that is what they used. How they got it, we don't know.


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