A Christmas Carol

Question: Could someone please tell me what time the day ended in the first scene? I see the pocket watch and it looks like possibly 9:15, but that can't be right?

Question: Can someone please explains this? When Marley visits Scrooge, it's Christmas Eve. Marley tells Scrooge that he will be haunted by three ghosts. The first ghost would appear tomorrow when the bell tolls one. Meaning that the first ghost would appear on Christmas day. The second would appear the next night at the same hour. December 26th. And the final spirit would appear the following night at twelve o'clock. December 27th. When Scrooge is talking to the boy outside his window after the visitations, the boy tells him it's Christmas Day.

Answer: It's basically the magic of Christmas. While, to Scrooge, three full days have passed, in reality his whole experience took place in a single night, allowing the reformed Scrooge to enjoy Christmas Day.

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Question: What did Belle mean when she said, "I release you, Ebenezer." Was that just a way of saying, "I'm breaking up with you," back in the day?

Answer: Yes. He promised to marry her and she's releasing him from that promise, as she realises he is no longer really in love with her.

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Answer: Mr. Scrooge is a moneylender and Bob is his clerk. Moneylendering is different than something like a bank loan because interest rates are much steeper and usually the last resort for poor people who can't get bank loans. In essence he's a loan shark.


Answer: This scene is cut from most adaptations (the 1935 and 1984 movies being two of the only ones that include it). It is most likely cut because it doesn't directly involve Scrooge, and only serves to show what happened to Belle after she broke up with Scrooge. Since it doesn't directly involved Scrooge, it was probably deemed worthy of cutting to bring down the runtime.

Answer: Probably to make the movie's overall length shorter and not every movie version is going to be the same. It is common for films adapted from books to cut scenes and characters or otherwise streamline the plot. Disney family films particularly have shorter, simpler, and age-appropriate story lines, designed for kids who tend to have briefer attention spans. A shorter run time also means the movie can be shown more times per day in theaters during the busy holiday season, increasing profits.

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Factual error: At the beginning Scrooge is seen signing Jacob Marley's death certificate in the year 1836. English Birth, Marriage & Death certificates didn't come into being until 1837.

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