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Eamon de Valera: The Irish people established the Irish Republic. It can only be disestablished by the Irish people.

Soames: The problem with the Irish is that they'll sing at the drop of a hat, but ask them to talk and they won't.

Eamon de Valera: They call us murderers.
Michael Collins: War is murder! Sheer, bloody murder! Had you been here the past year, you'd know that.

Joe O'Reilly: You know what he'd say if he saw you right now, Kitty? Get up off the parliamentary side of your ass and put a bit of color in your face.

Kitty Kiernan: Is it true, Mick, that all of the women in America wear trousers?
Michael Collins: Absolutely! Shameless hussies, the lot o' them.

Lincoln prison chaplain: I can't understand your politics, but I appreciate your integrity.

Michael Collins: I want peace and quiet. I want it so much I'd die for it.

Cathal Brugha: The Minister is as usual exceeding his brief.
Michael Collins: And what is my brief, Cathal?
Cathal Brugha: Intelligence.
Michael Collins: Bullshit! I'm Minister for Gun-Running, Daylight Robbery, and General Mayhem.

Michael Collins: I hate them for making hate necessary, and I'll do what I can to end it.

Soames: Sufficient unto the day the evil thereof, hey boy?
Ned Broy: Yes, sir.
Soames: Or is it Broy?
Ned Broy: Broy, sir. Good night, sir.

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Continuity mistake: Early in the film, Michael talks to Harry Boland on a boat. During this scene, a cigarette appears in Boland's mouth that was not in the previous shot. (00:40:40)

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Trivia: While Collins is often credited with creating guerrilla warfare, he is never seen killing anyone in the film.

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