Michael Collins

Factual error: On the very beginning of the movie, as well as few times throughout, we can see shots of GPO (General Post Office) taken from the street right in front of it. There is no, and never was, a street there. It's about hundred meters to the right, and you can't see (nor bombard) the GPO from it.


Continuity mistake: When Ned Broy comes to Vaughan's the night he gets killed the receptionist is sleeping on the counter. He wakes up a few minutes later when the hotel gets raided, and next to him there is a bell that hasn't been there before. (00:58:50)


Continuity mistake: When the armoured car interrupts the ball game a player scores a goal to mock the attackers. The player who receives the ovations and gets shot in return is not the one who scored the goal, and there are bullet holes in his tricot even before he gets hit. (01:06:05)


Continuity mistake: When Michael Collins and his men raid the police station they throw torches on the roof. A second later the whole building is on fire, and the policemen run out coughing and gasping for air. However, when the IRA people go in to get the police guns the air is quite breathable. (00:15:25)


Eamon de Valera: The Irish people established the Irish Republic. It can only be disestablished by the Irish people.

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Trivia: While Collins is often credited with creating guerrilla warfare, he is never seen killing anyone in the film.

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