Continuity mistake: When Amelia is meeting with Fred Noonan at the open aired restaurant in New Guinea, right when Amelia sits down, the waitress repeatedly sets a glass of water in front of Amelia. It happens 3 times.


Continuity mistake: In the first scene of the movie, Amelia has a gap in her front teeth, but for the rest of the movie it's gone.

Continuity mistake: When Amelia sets off to fly in the Friendship as a passenger for the first Trans-Atlantic flight, she hands George Putnam a stack of letters for her friends and family. Upon departure, the scene continues from the rear looking out of the building as George walks to the railing with the letters in hand. The very next shot is from the front as they show him waving her off with no letters.


Factual error: When Amelia goes to George Putnam's suite and tells him to dance with her, she turns on the radio. The radio comes on instantly. At that time there should have been a delay of up to a minute or so, since vacuum tubes were in use and they would have taken time to warm up.


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