Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Audio problem: When Tamina is talking to Dastan about man's potential for good in the tent during the sand storm, there is quick shot of Dastan with Tamina's face at side. In this shot she is still speaking but her lips are not moving.


Audio problem: When Dastan is running away from the archers in Avrat marketplace, you hear Garsiv shouting "Murderer!". When you see Garsiv charge at Dastan, his mouth isn't moving, but speech is still heard.


Continuity mistake: When Ben Kingsley places the dagger in the sand crystal time goes backward. Tamina calls out Dastan's name and then he calls out her name in the same order as it happened in forward time. This should have been backward.

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Tamina: The gods have a plan for you. A destiny.

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Question: If Nizam and Dastan were both holding onto the knife at the end when they got sucked up by the sand, why is it that only Dastan remembers what happened?

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Chosen answer: The knife can only carry one person, and Dastan had the better grip.

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