Law Abiding Citizen

Mike (Jamie Foxx) discovers that Clyde (Gerard Butler) had tunnels leading out of every cell in the prison, which is how he was able to cause all the chaos he caused through the film. Clyde plans to blow up the mayor with a bomb in city hall. After planting the bomb, Clyde returns to his cell where Mike is waiting with a gun. He tries to convince Clyde not to activate the bomb, but Clyde does so anyway. Mike locks him in the cell and leaves as Clyde discovers that Mike moved the bomb underneath his bed. Clyde looks at his daughter's bracelet as he goes up in flames. Mike gets away, but must live with the decision of killing Clyde.


Plot hole: Inmediately after Jamie Foxx finds the bomb in the city hall, and he says, "We don't tell the mayor anything", we see Gerard Butler arriving to his property next to the prison, and finally he enters his jail cell. So, in the time between Gerard Butler's arrival to the property and his entrance to the jail cell, Jamie Foxx thought about a plan, picked up the bomb, passed through the traffic and security checkpoints, talked to the warden to get access to the prison, entered solitary, handcuffed the bomb, and still had time to wait for Gerard Butler's arrival.

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Nick Rice: You think your wife and daughter would feel good about you killing in their name?
Clyde Shelton: My wife and daughter can't feel anything. They're dead.

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Question: What was the whole thing about Clyde's house being broken into? Was it just a home invasion or something to do with his CIA past?


Chosen answer: Just a random break-in.

Phixius Premium member

Answer: Most likely just a break in.

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