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Corrected entry: Through out this film, they do not once refer to the events in Paranormal activity 2 despite it happening earlyer.


Correction: This is absurd. That they didn't reference things in a sequel that hadn't been written, much less filmed yet, is not a mistake. This film is less than 90 minutes of a period of 20 days. We can assume that discussions about what transpired in PA2 happened off-camera or within the 480 hours we DON'T see.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Dr. Fredrichs says that whatever is haunting them feeds off negative energy, to which Micah replies "Oh, well maybe we shouldn't let your mother come over any more." But both of Katie's parents are dead, as seen in Paranormal Activity 3.

Correction: Completely incorrect. Katie specifically tells Dr. Fredrichs that "no one got hurt" in the house fire.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the end of the scene with the television turning on, when the camera is pointed down the stairs for the second time, a crouched person can be seen moving around in the living room. This is not our ghost, as he/she/it is invisible.

Correction: No he/she/it is not invisible at all times. There are other times the demon (not ghost) allows itself to leave evidence such as its' footsteps. There are also other points in the film where a shadow can briefly be seen. It's a supernatural being who can pass through walls, or choose to be corporeal enough to slam doors, move blankets and swing chandeliers.


Corrected entry: When Katie goes downstairs in the scene at the end, the alarm light (green) is off. When she comes up with the blood on her shirt the alarm light is on.

Correction: It is very well possible that the demon was capable of turning the alarm on and off considering he turns lights on and off and opens and closes doors all the time.

Corrected entry: When Micah goes into the attic, it is filled with a lot of insulation, yet he comes out from it looking clean as a whistle, none stuck to his clothes or not even so much as an itch or scratch out of him.


Correction: As not all insulation is made of fiberglass, there's no reason he must itch nor be covered with it. You don't crawl in the insulation either- you make your way along the edges of the wooden beams that the insulation lies between, otherwise you'd risk crashing through the sheetrock beneath the insulation. And even if Micah were made itchy, in his present mental state, he's likely to not react to it at all since he has more pressing issues to worry about.


Corrected entry: When the guy goes into the attic and finds the picture it is on his left. After they go back into the bedroom they say they found it over the bed, which would have been on the right.

Correction: Not so. When he climbs the ladder, he is facing the hall so that the photo in the attic and the bedroom beneath are both to his left as they should be.


Corrected entry: They started taping on October 2nd (or 6th, I'm not sure) and they stated in the end that his body was found on October 11th. But the recording shows at least 21 nights because of the night titles. There are definitely not 21 nights in between October 2nd (or 6th) and October 11th.

Correction: They actually started filming in September, not October.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Katie has a nightmare approximately 33 minutes into the movie, Katie wakes up, and the time is posted in the right corner of the "shot". When Micah picks up the camera the time disappears, and then reappears when he puts the camera back on the dresser.

Correction: The timecode isn't part of the camera's set-up. The idea is that it was put on the tape by someone after the fact.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when she first has come home and is questioning the camera, he says something about how now they will, hopefully, catch something on film that has been happening the past few nights. Later in the film, she's upset and states something about how this hasn't started until he got the camera. Later on yet, they make it known that she's had this "problem" since she was eight.

Correction: What she says is that the problem has escalated since he got the camera.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: There's a part in the movie where he's using the iron gym pull-up bar. The movie claims to have been filmed in Sept-Oct of 2006, yet the Iron Gym didn't come out until 2008. If you can't remember when it came out, you can see this by doing a whois on their official domain name, which was registered in 2008.


Correction: The film was definitely made in the time frame claimed. In fact, it premiered at the Screamfest Film Festival in the US on October 14, 2007. It was also shown at the Slamdance Film Festival on January 18th, 2008.


Corrected entry: When the demonologist arrives the last time, he closes the screen door (then the front door) when he enters. When he leaves and opens the front door, the screen door is standing open.

Correction: So the screen door didn't latch properly. Mine does it all the time.


Corrected entry: In one of the alternate endings, Katie sits by the bed for over 24 hours. We are watching the recording from the camera so how is the camera recording for that length of time? In 2006, no technology existed to record for that long.

Correction: In the beginning of the film, Mica implies he has "hooked up the firewire". This would under most circumstances mean he is recording directly to the laptop's hard drive. Therefore the camera would have a lot more storage in order to record for 24 hours.

Corrected entry: When Katie wakes up and sleep walks outside, the alarm does not go off. This is weird because they set the alarm and say that it will go off if any doors or windows are opened. "Nothing comes in and nothing goes out.

Correction: True, but throughout the movie we see the demon, moving doors, lifting sheets, and switching on and off lights etc. So it stands to reason that this same demon can switch off the alarm or cause it not to sound, so it can go about its business without creating wider disturbance and drawing attention.

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Trivia: At one point before the film was widely released, the studio was interested in remaking the film with a larger budget and more well-known actors, and including the original version of the film as a DVD "special feature." Thankfully, this idea was eventually shot down, and the original version of the film was released in theaters.


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Question: What does it mean when a black, lined piece of paper is found that has white printing it? The paper appears to be old and the printing says "I love you" This paper just appeared one evening but was not there before.

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