Men of Honour

In court, Carl just wants to get back to work as a diver but the meanie won't let him back having one and a half legs. So he takes a test of wearing a diving suit and walking twelve steps to prove that he is capable. Of course the last three are stumbly, but that's just to make us worry. He passes the test successfully and is reinstated to full active duty. Plus his wife comes back to him, which she said she wouldn't.


Factual error: As it says at the very end of the movie, the year is 1969. In the near ending when Carl is in his room getting ready to go to the court hearing, which re-inlists him into the navy, if you look out his bedroom window there's a flag with 48 stars. In 1969 the flag was already 50 stars.

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Mr. Pappy: Two tablespoons of machine oil can contaminate an entire ship's fresh water supply.

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