Men in Black

Corrected entry: When Will Smith is chasing the alien in the beginning, it sounds like he says "LAPD, stop!" The movie takes place in New York City.

Correction: He actually says "NYPD".

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Corrected entry: In the pawnshop right after Jeebs' head grows back, K tells him, "I want you off the next transport off this rock or I'm going to shoot you where it don't grow back". Yet Jeebs appears in the next movie. (00:20:35)

Correction: So Jeebs clearly ignored K's threat. Suits his character-type just fine.

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Corrected entry: After they drive through the tunnel, they pass through a tollbooth. The sign on the toll says that it accepts the 1 cent coin, more commonly known as the penny. Illinois is the only state in which pennies can be used in tollbooths.

Correction: Look more closely at what the toll booth sign reads, it is not written that it accepts the 1 cent coin. It states that it accepts the 1 dollar coin.

Corrected entry: When the "Edgar" alien escapes from the building with the lady, he jumps very high out of window and up onto the street. But when he is trying to leave planet earth, why does he climb up the tower if he can jump that high or scramble up the side of buildings, like the alien at the beginning?

Correction: The alien at the beginning of the movie and Edgar are two different species.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones blast the Bug, getting covered with entrails, intestinal contents, etc. Then in the next scene, when Jones is passing the neuralizer to Smith, they are both clean, while Linda Fiorentino is still covered all over. Absolutely nothing is mentioned in the film that indicates their clothing to have any sort of extraordinary qualities, which would make their garments unique. (01:27:30)

Correction: I guess Linda drove them to the headquarters where they changed their clothes. So the MIBs are newly dressed, Linda still not.

Corrected entry: At the diner, after the Edgar/Bug leaves the restaurant, you can see him push one guy down outside, and pass another guy wearing a tan overcoat. When the camera cuts to outside, the guy with the tan overcoat has disappeared.

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Correction: He actually went to go aid the man that was pushed down with the rest of the crowd.

Corrected entry: When Jay and the woman in the morgue are feeling around in the body and Jay takes his hand out, there is no blood on his glove. The woman, in another shot has blood on her gloves.

Correction: Actually, if you pause the film at the moment he takes his hand out of the body, you can see blood on a few of his fingers.

Correction: The scenes are meant to occur at the same time, so the shotgun is pulled out as J and K are in the store.

Corrected entry: When Edgar stabs the Arquillians in the neck, they appear to die instantly from their wounds. However we see later at the morgue that the bodies are controlled from a control room in their heads. A neck wound to the robot body would not appear to be fatal to the operator in the robot's head.

Correction: The alien's robot was obviously designed to emulate human appearance and function. More than likely, it was designed to emulate bodily functions as well in respect to operations and keeping the inhabitant alive. A breach of the neck would have most likely compromised the life support system of the robot, thus exposing the alien to Earth environment unprotected, and that would have been what caused him to die. It is shown that the alien and robot are indeed connected, as the blue lights and functions turn off as soon as he passes away when talking to J.

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Corrected entry: When the Edgar alien first pulls up in front of the jewellery shop before the diner scene, it shows him turning the corner in the pest control truck. The "Zap 'Em" logo on the hood is backwards. (00:38:50)


Correction: Logos on the hood are often printed in reverse so that a driver ahead of the vehicle can read the logo in the mirror.


Corrected entry: When Dr Laurel Weaver (the coroner) is making a statement on a tape recorder about the oddities of the "body" of Gentle Rosenberg, J and K never bothered to erase the tape, so neuralizing Dr Weaver by itself was not enough to cover the tracks. (00:51:15)

Correction: That's not what they, personally, do. There are teams that come in and take care of that stuff later. Like J's police report being written for him: K certainly didn't do that himself. And the team that came in to burn the remains and surrounding area at the very opening of the film.

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Corrected entry: When the rear of the truck explodes after Will Smith shoots it, the pipes that feed the scene with smoke can be seen just above the kerbstones. (01:03:55)

Correction: Already submitted and listed as #86084: "In the scene after J shoots the exterminator van off of the tow truck he shoots again. When the camera clips to the tow truck driving away, you can see the smoke generators emitting smoke from the curb."

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Corrected entry: When Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are walking through the hallway, right after they're done with the gun test where Smith shoots the little girl, Tommy Lee Jones says "this way" and they turn into the hallway. If you look closely on the right side of the screen, you can see the door that leads to the shooting test, which shows that it's the same hallway that they passed through before.

Correction: Or there are multiple rooms where the shooting test could take place. Or, even better, it's a door leading to one of the other areas of the complex.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Will Smith first meets Rip Torn with all the other recruits, after he hands them the tests, look and listen very carefully. When Will pulls the table the noise for the table actually starts before he even pulls the table.

Correction: It starts at the exact moment that he starts pulling it, just as it should.


Corrected entry: When K reveals MIB's existence to J, J replies that K has been reading too many supermarket tabloids. K's response to this is to praise such tabloids as great journalism. These publications reveal information that is, in the film's universe, highly classified. Logically, K would see this as a threat and seek to neuralize, not praise, the staff of these tabloids.

Correction: Who ever said the movie was logical? The joke is that no one ever believes the tabloids except for MIB, and that is where they can get additional information. No need for neutralizing.

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Corrected entry: When K and J are leaving the NYPD station, J says he has to write a report. Then his boss walks past and compliments him on a good report. Who wrote the report? J was the only person who witnessed the whole chase.

Correction: Obviously K wrote it (or somebody else at the MIB wrote it for him). Knowing that he was eventually going to have to neuralyse J, K had a report prepared to match the 'memories' that he was going to give J at the end of the evening.

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Corrected entry: When Will Smith accidentally releases the whizzing SpaceBall thing into the MIB work areas, you can see computer monitors exploding and people ducking out of the way before the SpaceBall thing gets anywhere near them.

Correction: The ball may not be near them but they can see and hear its destruction. It's only instinctive to duck and cover. Think about it, if YOU saw in the room next to you something flying around smashing everything, wouldn't you duck and try to protect yourself?

Corrected entry: When "Edgar" walks into the morgue, he's carrying a shotgun. He sets it down by the side of the window. Later, J walks in and starts ringing the bell. You can clearly see there is no shotgun there. Also, when he has the revolver to the lady's head, he doesn't have the gun. So where did the shotgun go?

Correction: In between the scene of Edgar walking into the morgue and J arriving, Edgar does other things, like "taking care of" the clerk at the morgue, meeting and threatening the doctor, etc. Even if we don't see him putting the shotgun someplace else, he had plenty of time and opportunity to do it.


Corrected entry: When Edgar/Alien is pulling the woman scientist out of the car she is wearing boots but when she falls from the tower she is wearing shoes.

Correction: Doctor Weaver wears the same dark brown shoes from when the Bug Alien kidnaps her until the end of the scene when the Bug Alien is killed.

Corrected entry: In the scene when all the top guys are doing the written test, the guy in the navy blue suit with the combover straightens his test out and it flops back down. If you watch carefully, you can see that he waits for it to flop down.

Correction: He doesn't wait for it to flop down, he starts to read the questions and it flops down.

Audio problem: When Will Smith is looking at the two space ships at the MIB headquarters, if you look in the background Zed and K are there typing on the computer. But if you look closer you can tell that they're not even touching the keyboard and the sounds are just added into the movie. (01:16:00)

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Beatrice: I'll tell you something right now; I know Edgar and that wasn't Edgar. It's like something was wearing Edgar like a suit. An Edgar suit.

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Trivia: In many European countries, as in Spain and France, since Dennis Rodman's weirdness isn't that well known, the celebrity mentioned in the last line of the movie as being an alien was changed to Michael Jackson. (01:30:00)

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Question: When K and J are about to leave the police station, J says that he has a report to do. At that moment, his boss arrives and tells him he did a good report. Who did his report? It couldn't have been the MIB, because J was the only person who saw the entire chase.

Answer: The MIB - or K specifically - had already erased the memories of all the police that were involved to cover up the alien sighting. It stands to reason therefore that theyd already have a cover story in place - that is the report that the captain is reading, and for which he congratualtes J.


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