Synecdoche, New York
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Adele Lack: Everyone is disappointing the more you know them.

Millicent Weems: Caden Cotard is a man already dead, living in a half-world between stasis and antistasis. Time is concentrated and chronology confused for him. Up until recently he has strived valiantly to make sense of his situation, but now he has turned to stone.

Hazel: I'm okay.
Caden Cotard: I don't want you to be okay.

Caden Cotard: Hazel, you've been a part of me forever. Don't you know that? I breathe your name in every exhalation.

Caden Cotard: I know how to do the play now. It will all take place over the course of one day. And that day will be the day before you died. That day was the happiest day of my life. Then I'll be able to live it forever. See you soon.

Millicent Weems: Glad to be weirdly close.

Caden Cotard: My father died. They said his body was riddled with cancer and that he didn't know, he went in because his finger hurt. They said he suffered horribly, and that he called out for me before he died. They said that he said he regretted his life. They said he said a lot of things, too many to recount, and they said it was the longest and the saddest deathbed speech any of them had ever heard.

Caden Cotard: Try to keep in mind that a young person playing Willie Loman thinks he's only pretending to be at the end of a life full of despair. But the tragedy is that we know that you, the young actor will end up in this very place of desolation.

Caden Cotard: I didn't jump, Sammy! A man stopped me before I jumped! Get up! I didn't jump.

Sammy Barnathan: I've watched you forever, Caden, but you've never really looked at anyone other than yourself. So watch me. Watch my heart break. Watch me jump. Watch me learn that after death there's nothing. There's no more watching. There's no more following. No love. Say goodbye to Hazel for me. And say it to yourself, too. None of us has much time.

Caden Cotard: I don't menstruate, so I don't know how I could smell like I'm menstruating.

Caden Cotard: I know how to do it now. There are nearly thirteen million people in the world. None of those people is an extra. They're all the leads of their own stories. They have to be given their due.

Claire Keen: Knowing that you don't know is the first and most essential step to knowing, you know?

Tammy: I feel ok, mostly... fucking might help.

Hazel: The end is built into the beginning.

Maria: It's all about your artistic satisfaction, Caden.
Caden Cotard: You're stoned.

Hazel: I like it. I do! I'm - I'm just really concerned about dying in the fire.
Burning House Realtor: It's a big decision - how one prefers to die.

Caden Cotard: Can you step out for a second?
Plumber: Go ahead, I've seen boy parts.

Trivia: Despite her prominent billing, Dianne Wiest does not appear until an hour and twenty minutes into the film, and has less than ten minutes of screen time.

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