Synecdoche, New York

Caden lives out his final years playing the part of Adele's cleaning lady while letting an actress take over his "role" as himself. The play begins to deteriorate, Caden grows old. Eventually he finds himself wandering through the deserted streets of their New York within New york. He finds a warehouse within the warehouse that conatins a second replica of New York inside and a ware house inside that, and a warehouse inside that, and a warehouse inside that until finally Caden comes across another actress, seemingly the last one left alive. He asks her where everyone is, to which she replies "Dead mostly, some have left." The two spend the final moments sharing a strange affection and recognition. Caden receives instructions from the director on what to say and to do. He apologises profusley and is comforted by the actress. He begins to talk about how he no longer wants to do this play, how he has an idea for something else. The director gives him his final cue: die.

Hazam Thebestone

Caden Cotard: Hazel, you've been a part of me forever. Don't you know that? I breathe your name in every exhalation.

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Trivia: Despite her prominent billing, Dianne Wiest does not appear until an hour and twenty minutes into the film, and has less than ten minutes of screen time.

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