Halloween 2

Halloween 2 (2009)

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Other mistake: When Laurie has her episode in the bathroom about killing Annie, the clock stays at 7:03 the whole time.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning Laurie's bandage goes from bloody to white and back again repeatedly. It also gets wet, yet not even 15 seconds later it's completely dry and white.


Continuity mistake: The Myers' house in this film is a different house than the house in part one.

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Suggested correction: The house could have been remodeled.

It is implied that the house was unoccupied since the murder. So why would anyone want to remodel a Cape Cod style house that was in the first one into the huge house in this film? If you look at the interior, the house was definitely worse for wear, so it being remodeled is highly unlikely.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning Laurie is in the shack hiding from Michael Myers when Buddy comes in and sets down the donuts and coffee he had on the desk, he hands her the coffee and goes to get his car. When Michael is looking through the window, you can see the whole desk and the donuts are gone.


Continuity mistake: When Laurie is holding a pig, there are two people dressed in bright colors standing next to her. When she leaves those two people are gone.


Factual error: Some of the scenes show trees without leaves which is correct, but several of the scenes have Myers walking through fields of crops (probably beans) in Illinois, and the trees look full, neither which could be true in late October, as the crops would be harvested or wilted by then, and the trees bare.


Sheriff Brackett: I think I'm gonna get me one of those sticky buns.
Annie: Seriously? 500 calories of sugar and shit!
Sheriff Brackett: I know. I know.


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Trivia: During the interview, after Dr. Loomis is interrogated by the reporters about Michael, he says, "Let me make things nice and sparkling clear." This is a nod to his role as Alex DeLarge in "A Clockwork Orange."

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Question: I can understand Michael hallucinating his mother but why is he also hallucinating his younger self? Is this supposed to be him remembering an innocent period of his life?


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