Question: Was Lina supposed to open the necklace box when Johnnie gave it to her on the patio with the other gifts from the horse race? She tries a few times and can't.

Question: Very last scene after they turn the car around and you see the back of their heads, to me it doesn't look like Cary Grant or Joan Fontaine? Is it them or their doubles?

Answer: It could have been body doubles, who are often used for filler scenes like this, but there's no way to know for sure.

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Answer: Hitchcock had a different ending on the movie, but the studio and test audiences hated it. Grant ends up splitting up with Fontaine. Hitchcock was pressured into a happy ending, but weeks had passed since the end of filming and the two popular stars were off on other projects. Two actors were hired to as stand-ins for the added footage of the car turning around and the two going happily home together.

Continuity mistake: Johnnie, Lina and Beaky are playing anagrams. Lina spells out the word MURDER with an M as the first letter. The shot cuts away and then back again, and now the first letter is an inverted W. (01:01:40)


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Trivia: Hitchcock had two cameo appearances in the movie Suspicion: the first takes place right after the opening scene where Johnnie and Lina meet on the train, when Johnnie and friends are gathered for a 'photo op' just prior to the start of the 'hunt'. You see Hitchcock shortly after that scene walking with a horse past the camera. He is to the left of the horse and is wearing a cap and light colored jacket. The second cameo shows Hitchcock, albeit from a distance and not easily identifiable and ever so briefly, posting a letter at a mailbox in town.

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