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Suggested correction: Nonsense. Not all can be put out with water, some can.

If you did research on fires you will see that putting water on chemical fires makes it spread. Gasoline and oil float to the surface of the water and continue to burn.

Factual error: Towards the end of the movie, there's a drum of liquid with the number 4 on it. Number 4 is only on solids, not liquid flammables.

Revealing mistake: In the hospital scene when the nurse is filling the tub for the patient in the room above the cowboy's, he leaves the water on. When the water starts to come out of the tub it is coming out many times faster than it is going in.

Revealing mistake: "Death" sets up Hunt's demise by activating the pool's purge pump and running it at maximum (so powerful it can suck the internal organs out of a person). The purge pump runs for several minutes before Hunt drops his coin into the water and goes after it. Despite the purge pump running at maximum all that time there is no change whatsoever in the pool's water level.

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Character mistake: In the part after the premonition when everyone runs out of the speedway, Cynthia Daniels yells "Andy" to her husband, when her husband's name is Carter.


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Suggested correction: Cynthia isn't the one saying it. Nadia, Andy's girlfriend, is calling after Andy as she follows him out. If you listen closely she actually calls after him more than once, beginning before Carter even starts to follow them out.

Continuity mistake: During the pool sequence, we see a few shots of the pressure gauge, some close-up, some wider. In some some shots the scale goes up to 160, in others it only goes to 100.

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Continuity mistake: When Janet gets to the car wash, the sunroof is closed. Minutes later she is seen closing it.

Other mistake: Near the end of the film Bobby Campo uses a long piece of wood to set off the sprinkler and put out the fire. This small flame activates the sprinkler, which wasn't activated by the huge pile of burning sawdust and chemicals.


Continuity mistake: The level of water in the glass on the counter, in the salon, jumps up and down during the whole hairdressing scene.

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Continuity mistake: When Hunt is about to leave, right before he says he'll check on Janet, the back of his shirt is tucked in, but as he exits his shirt is no longer tucked in.

Revealing mistake: When George and Nick are walking across the street from the hospital where the "guy in the cowboy hat" is recovering, you can see that there was a green screen being used. As they are walking across the street, they seem to be a different shade than the background and a couple seconds later, George is hit by the ambulance.


Other mistake: In the scene were Lori, Nick, and George are all congratulating themselves at cheating death right after George tried to kill himself. When they pour the cider into the glass, just watch the amount of cider in George's glass it constantly changes.

Plot hole: Throughout the franchise we are taught that when someone intervenes in death's plan that person is skipped until it circles back around for another attempt. However in Janet's case she is skipped by intervention at the car wash but is killed at the movies before the pattern is complete had the last vision unfolded as normal.

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Suggested correction: It is revealed that Death screwed around with Nick, as Death always planned the three to die at the Cafe, not earlier. This means that Death was screwing with Nick and his Mall-Disaster premonition.

Revealing mistake: When Nick has his arm nailed to the wall behind the cinema screen, he sets off the sprinklers to put out the fire. After this he sits back down again, at which point his "nailed" arm and hand move slightly (an inch or two). This would not be possible under the circumstances.

Continuity mistake: During the last vision, Nick is seen driving in front of a bus however when the events take place the bus is nowhere to be seen.


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Suggested correction: That is because, in his premonition, Nick spent time to look at George's body. After the premonition, he immediately drives to the Mall where Lorii and Janet are, wasting no time.

Visible crew/equipment: In the hair salon if you look into the mirror on the left as the camera moves, you can see the camera in shot.

Continuity mistake: Behind Nick, at the race, 2 ladies play the same part and switch back and forth. You can tell the difference. 1st lady: older, heavier, bigger bust, wears thick strapped, scooped neck, brown tank w/ emblem, cascading ponytail, and dangling earrings. 2nd lady: younger, skinnier, small bust, wears thin strapped, jagged v-neck, brown tank without design, pinned ponytail and button earrings. When the ladies change, people sitting next to them and Nick also change back and forth.

Continuity mistake: When Hunt points to the lady with the tampons, the guy sitting behind him in the black shirt gets up and walk away. Then it cuts to the kids putting them in their ears. When it cuts back to Hunt, the man behind him is getting up and leaving again.

Continuity mistake: When Andy asked Hunt if his girlfriend could borrow his binoculars, you can see that the cowboy is already sitting down even though he hasn't arrived yet. The cowboy is also shown when Andy's girlfriend takes the binoculars. The cowboy comes shortly afterwards. Even though his face is not shown, you can tell it's him from the clothing. (00:02:04)

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Continuity mistake: During the car wash scene a pipe is bursting, but then the amount of water changes slightly in the next couple of shots.

Hunt Wynorski: We just lost one hot MILF!

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Trivia: The opening shows the 6 car going to repair his tires. The car and the two flags together form "666".


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Question: Is there a song that plays before the deaths like in the first three films? I've seen the movie and I do recall about two songs, but I'm not sure.

Answer: No.

Answer: Nope not in this one.

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