Bart Got a Room

Bart Got a Room (2008)

Ending / spoiler

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After many, many, MANY failed attempts to find a date, Danny finally gets up the courage to ask Camille to the prom. He goes to tell Craig, who reveals that he is going with her(Craig's date bailed). Danny talks to Camille, who tells him that he missed his chance. Danny calls his dad(in the middle of a date I'd like to add) and tells him the situation. Upon hearing that Bart got a room for the prom, the dad blows off the date to try to find a girl for Danny. He finds a hooker on the side of the road(just go with it) and drops her off with Danny. Unfortunately, she "Doesn't do proms", and leaves. While sulking in the bathroom, Danny runs into Bart, the school's geekiest kid, who tells Danny that he didn't get a room. He got a suite. An understantably upset Danny goes to see Camille. Craig's date showed up at prom and he dumped Camille for her. Danny makes up with Camille and they go with Danny's parents to a bar mitzvah in the same hotel(Okaaaaaay). They all have a great time and get their picture taken together as the film ends. Stay after the credits to see how Bart's night went(Hint: It doesn't end well).


Visible crew/equipment: At around 75 minutes into the film (near the end,) the boom operator can be seen in the scene where Bart crashes the bar mitzvah with his mother, father and friend. The boom operator is behind Bart whilst he is dancing with his mother.


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