Away We Go
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Verona De Tessant: I mean, we moved here for them. And now, they're gonna miss the baby's first two years. It just really takes selfishness to a whole new level.
Burt Farlander: It's not like your parents are doing anything.
Verona De Tessant: My parents are dead, Burt.
Burt Farlander: Still.

Beckett: Babies like to breathe, and they're good at hiding it. I put a pillow over a baby. I thought she wasn't breathing, but she was. She was sneaky, but I'll try again.

Lily: You guys do what you need to do. Your baby won't care. Kids are resilient. And they're genetically predetermined anyway. They're screwed up out of the womb. So what? They'll have cell phones, they'll be fine. Okay?

LN: The pain is so enlightening. And now, having experienced childbirth, I watch CNN and I really feel like I understand war. On top of which, when I had Wolfie, I had the most enormous orgasm.

Grace: So, you want to get a drink here or go out? Do you need to eat?
Burt Farlander: Oh, we don't want to go out there. Not right now. No, it's like an oven.
Grace: Yeah, it's pretty hot.
Burt Farlander: No, no, I mean literally, like an oven. Like if you were in an oven, that's what it would be like. It's almost like God's trying to melt us all down and make something better.
Grace: Wow, Burt, that's so stoney.
Burt Farlander: Well, it's just the Bible.

LN: Roderick, Roderick, it's so easy to forget how great the economic divide is these days. These guys have nothing. How should we expect them to know anything about anything?

Burt Farlander: Why the seahorses, Rod?
LN: In the seahorse community, the males gives birth.
Roderick: The female inserts her ovipositor into the male's brood pouch. That's where she deposits her eggs.
LN: If I could, I would lay my eggs in your brood pouch.
Roderick: I know you would.

Verona De Tessant: You told her I have a tilted uterus?
Burt Farlander: I don't know. Maybe it was my mom. Is your tilted uterus a secret?
Verona De Tessant: Yes, my tilted uterus is a fucking secret.
Burt Farlander: Oh, really, you fucking bitch? Your tilted uterus is a motherfucking secret? Well, fuck you.

Continuity mistake: When the main characters visit Montreal and with their friends they go out to eat at a diner and he creates a "home" out of 4 toothpicks, 3 sugar cubes and a coaster. As the camera goes back and forth in the conversation, watch the "home" on his plate of pancakes. It falls and appears to be scraped and turned in a different direction on his plate by the end of the conversation.

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