Witless Protection
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Madeleine: Why do I bother with a man who keeps a possum in his glove compartment?
Larry: Wally's in the glove box? Wally! Wally.

Larry: I'm gonna shove that BlackBerry up where it's gonna be a BrownBerry.

Larry: Having money isn't the same thing as having class you know.

Sheriff Smoot: Elmer's in the barn. He's armed, and he's got a hostage, somebody named Buttercup. We figure it's either his girlfriend or his horse.
Larry: With Elmer, it's the same thing.

Larry: You gotta be kidding me. That girl had more scars on her chest than Frankenstein.
Norm: That's because she was mauled by a bear. But her boobs were real.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Larry The Cable Guy is eating a long dog while talking to Madeleine, he keeps biting down on the bun, yet the eaten part reappears. This happens twice during this scene.

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