Land of the Lost

Question: How did the group get past the lizard people that had surrounded the obelisk they entered after meeting with Enik?

Question: Has it been explained how all those animals (and primates) ended their lives in the tyrannosaurus rex's lair? Did all of them get there by the sand trap(s)? If so, who re-hid them after they had been walked into? Perhaps the lair was used as sacrificial grounds or execution by the primates?

Question: Where did Big Boy go off to? When the "food court" drops out of the sky, the Chupacobre gather, the Velociraptors join in the feast, then a male and female Rex appear. The latter dinos then catch wind of Marshall's urine drenched body and begin to chase the trio. When the party splits up, Big Boy chases Marshall and rips off his back pack. At one point both dinos are on a course to corner him on a hill. He then runs to the clothing display and back out, narrowly escaping death via the female Rex, but only after Holly has a near heart attack fearing Marshall has been killed. He runs away into the stretch limo and at that time we see the two dinos trampling the vehicle while Marshall miraculously escapes over 200 yards away in 3 seconds or less. Marshall runs down hill toward Will and Holly and instructs them to set the catapult as Will yells, "Take her that way." We never see the male Rex again until much later in the movie. When we do see him know it's the same Rex because he has the laser pointer in his teeth from Marshall's back pack. Where did Big Boy disappear to when he was supposedly on the hunt for Marshall by scent, and suddenly vanished? Was it a tachyon blast that took him to another dimension?

Question: What was Rick trying to do when he ended up going inside the T-rex using a stick?

Question: Would Rick have regenerated that quickly (overnight) after the blood loss from the giant mosquito and tick that he suffered?

Answer: It would depend on how much blood he lost and his general constitution. Of course, this is a movie, and reality is often fudged in order to tell the story. Having a character take days to recover would unnecessarily slow the plot.

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Continuity mistake: When Grumpy jumps the chasm to chase Dr. Marshall, there's a large green bulbous plant that moves from the side Grumpy jumped from to the one he lands on. It wasn't there before.


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Dr. Rick Marshall: If you don't make it, it's your own damn "vault." That's a bitch slap of truth right there.

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