The Mask

Trivia: The Mask is based off the Dark Horse Comic of the same name. The only difference is that Dark Horse Comics carry a lot of dark tones in their comics. When Chuck Russell was directing The Mask, it was supposed to be set in that way. When Jim Carrey was given the role of Stanley Ipkiss, it was turned into a comedy.

Trivia: The set of the garage where Ipkiss has his car repaired is the same building as the Ghostbusters' headquarters (from the "Director Commentaries" in the DVD).

Trivia: When Stanley, as the Mask, is emptying his pockets for the goons, he pulls out a condom, and says "Sorry, wrong pocket" - this was improvised on the spot by Jim Carrey for the scene.


Trivia: After The Mask sings the Cuban Pete song, he runs down an alley and kisses an old lady. This was not in the script, and Jim Carrey completely surprised the extra, as she had no idea he was going to kiss her.


Trivia: When Stanley is the Mask he does many different things from Looney Tunes cartoons in this movie. If you look around Stanley's house you will see a lot of Looney Tunes memorabilia such as the Porky Pig and Daffy Duck cell drawings over his bed, and the Taz the Tazmanian Devil pillow on his couch.


Trivia: The water tank/pool used to film the underwater scenes at the beginning of the movie was borrowed from Baywatch (from the DVD's director comentaries).

Trivia: When Jim Carrey tries to get the keys from Milo, the dog not letting go of the keys was not planned. The dog just wouldn't let go so that scene was ad libbed.

Trivia: After Dorian put the Mask on, he was going to kill Peggy by throwing her into the printing press. Test audiences found this too dark so the scene was left out.

Trivia: Cameron Diaz had to audition for the role of Tina no less than twelve times. She finally got the role only seven days before production began.

Continuity mistake: When Stanley is in jail, he put toilet papers on the toilet seat. But a few seconds later the toilet paper is not on the toilet. (01:10:35 - 01:13:10)

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The Mask: It's party time. P, A, R, T. Y? Because I gotta!

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Question: In a scene towards the end of the movie, where Tina asks Dorian to give her one last kiss before the time bomb blows up the Coco Bongo, Eddy (one of Dorian's men) wants to turn off the bomb. Why would Eddy suddenly want to change his mind and turn the bomb off if he's taking part in blowing up the Coco Bongo in the first place?


Chosen answer: Because they're lingering longer than he's comfortable with. He's not having second thoughts, he just wants to stop the timer temporarily until they're finally finished.

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