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Corrected entry: When Tina goes to the police station to see Stanley to tell him about what is going to happen that night, Stanley tells her to leave town so that she will be safe. A few minutes later, when Dorian and his men have Tina cornered in an alleyway, one of them turns up holding a suitcase and says, "Look what I found in her car." But there was no time between Tina leaving the police station and her being cornered in the alleyway for her to have been able to go home and pack clothes.

Correction: This is Stanley's way of telling her that he cares about her. Just because we see Stanley tell her to leave town, that doesn't mean that she did not also come up with the same idea on her own. She knows that Dorian is bad news, and seeing as leaving town is a very obvious thing to do, no mistake is made.


Correction: Tina could have packed some things before she went to the jail to see Stanley.

Corrected entry: After Dorian absorbs the bullets that Nico shot at him, he opens his mouth and we can see that the bullets have their shells again instead of just the projectiles.

Correction: This falls under the "cartoon law" category that governs most other things that happen in this movie. Dorian's imagination allowed the bullets to be fired in whatever manner he wishes.


This most likely shouldn't be corrected under the blanket statement that anything can happen. The bullets he fires back represent the bullets that were fired at him and thus shouldn't have their casings (shells). There's no need for him to "imagine" the bullets are back in their casings since he doesn't need the primer and gunpowder to "fire" them (firing bullets without gunpowder, etc. would be an example of "cartoon law" and not a valid mistake since it's already impossible to fire intact ammunition from ones mouth.) Even in the realm of fantasy, there are valid mistakes like these (due to filming limitations, bad writing, etc). It all has to do with intent of the writers or the scene (which is why mistakes are often debated about). Here, the intent is to fire back used bullets, not create new ones. Otherwise, we would see Dorian just create more deadly ammunition.


By wearing the mask Dorian has the ability to create new ones.

So what's the point of him shooting them out of his mouth and not a gun he created? The scene is meant to show he is spitting out the bullets that were fired at him, not him creating new ammunition in his mouth.


Correction: The mask gives its wearer unlimited power so that not only was he able to recreate the bullets but, also fire off as many as necessary.

Corrected entry: When Tina Carlyle performs at the Coco Bongo she is first shown behind some branches on a podium, then she is seen walking down steps to the stage. But there were no steps on the podium for her to walk on.

Correction: There ARE steps leading down. The camera angle makes it appear as though there aren't any, but look carefully. There are at least five steps.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film when Tina walks into the bank, Charlie tells Stanley to look at 3 o'clock, which is their right. But the two stare straight ahead, which would be their 12 o'clock.

Correction: Charlie is also an idiot. That is exactly the kind of mistake this character would make.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dorian gets hit in the face with a golf club, he gets hit on his right side but the blood comes out of the left side.


Correction: Dorian doesn't get hit by the golf club, he gets cut by the tee in his mouth.

Corrected entry: Soon after Dorian (as the mask) gets shot in the chest by his boss the bullet holes in his shirt are gone.


Correction: This is intentional. The mask gives the wearer unusual powers, and we see the bullet holes disappear before he fires the bullets back at Niko. If the clothes of the wearer were unaffected, Stanley wouldn't have been able to make the costume changes he did when he wore the mask. For instance, after his tie gets shot off at the club, it reverts back into his pajamas.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: At the Coco Bongo, when The Mask is dancing with Tina, his hat is seen in some shots, not in others. (00:38:30)

Correction: He only wears the hat in the beginning of the dance. Then it it cuts to the crowd dancing for about 2 seconds and back to The Mask. In that time he could easily have thrown it away. And he's some sort of cartoon so he can let things appear and disappear like the mallet and guns.


Corrected entry: Before Carey puts on the mask for the second time, he looks at a picture of Tina, then crumples it up. Then, after he has the mask on, he picks up the picture. But there are now no wrinkle marks in it.

Correction: When Stanley picks up the picture again, he actually smoothes it out and there are a few wrinkles visible.

Corrected entry: When The Mask is doing his Mexican dance, he gets catapulted off of a plank that is leaning on a sign, see-saw style, and he catches a lamppost and spins around it. However when he grabs it, it wobbles, bends and shakes like rubber.

Correction: Many things the Mask touches have the odd effects, like making the police force sing and dance.

Corrected entry: A man driving a Cadillac honks at The Mask to get out of the street. The Mask blows a horn that shatters all of the Cadillac's windows, including the windshield. Car windshields are laminated and would not normally shatter like ordinary glass.

Correction: Stanley probably conjoured up a horn for the specific purpose of shattering the windows. His imagination let it happen like that.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peggy Brandt is in the Bank talking to Stanley, Stanley refers to her column as "Ask Peggy" but, a few seconds later in that scene she refers to it as "Dear Peggy".

Correction: Stanley got it wrong and Peggy corrected him. Many columns like this are called Dear... or Ask... so it's plausible that Stanley would make a mistake.


Corrected entry: The first time Jim Carrey becomes the Mask, he approaches some thugs. Ipkiss then honks a guy's nose and pulls his underwear over his head. Then the Mask runs away and the thugs follow him. As they reach Ipkiss, the man no longer has the underwear over his head - I doubt he could put it back in 2-3 seconds.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: His real underwear couldn't do that either. When the mask does something like that, it wears off after he leaves. It's magic.

Corrected entry: When Stanley wakes up to the dog licking his ear, the shot pulls back and we can see a jar of peanut butter next to the bed on the nightstand. The peanut butter was used to aid in the effect of the dog licking Stanley's ear. It was accidentally left in the shot.

manthabeat Premium member

Correction: We see a jar of peanut butter and a half empty bag of saltine type crackers. The scene is consistent with a person who eats peanut butter on crackers while in bed. The presence of the crackers shows its inclusion in the scene was deliberate and not an accident.


Correction: Too obvious. It states that it is her first movie in the beginning credits, right in the movie.

Corrected entry: The closed caption does not follow the dialog correctly, when Stanley Ipkiss is told about the excessive repairs to his car. His reply is: "I have to have a car tonight" vs. [cc]: "I need a car tonight" (00:09:15)


Correction: Closed captioning and subtitles frequently shorten statements or sentenances during shows and films. The statement hasn't made an error in the subtitle as it still conveys the character's intention.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dorian is playing golf in a golfsimulator, he hits a ball from a tee placed in an other mans mouth. He uses either a 5 or a 4 iron, and he doesn't have a full swing at all, but anyway the golfsimulator says that he hit 205 meters, which is impossible with a 5 or 4 iron and not a full swing.


Correction: Actually the golf ball goes 205 yards, on a pretty decent swing, which is believeable.

Corrected entry: When Dorian first gets the Mask from Stanley, he asks how it works. Stanley says to just put it on. Yet later in the film Dorian says "The sun's going down. Time to get changed for the party." He is never told that the Mask only works at night, yet he waits until nightfall to put it on.

Correction: I'm sure Dorian would have gotten all the instructions regarding the mask from Stanley before dumping him at the police station.

Corrected entry: Stanley is told by an expert that the Norse god Loki caused so much mischief that Odin banished him from Valhalla, implying that Loki ended up in the mask. According to Norse mythology Loki got on Odin's bad side because he helped kill Balder, Odin's favorite son. He was then tied to the mountain with acid dripping down on his head. His wife stood with a bowl above his head and gathered the acid, but whenever it was full and she had to empty it acid fell on Loki who struggled, which is how Norse mythology explained earthquakes. There are no other "versions" to explain why Loki left Valhalla and what happened to him.

Correction: Yes there is. It's in this movie. It's called creative license.

Corrected entry: In the same scene, one of Dorian's goons gets bitten in the butt by masked Milo and his pants rip. But later on his pants are OK.

Correction: Basically anything the masked characters (other than Dorian) do can be subject only to cartoon laws. They aren't permanent. This is particularly evident by how a piece of the banana-yellow suit that got cut turned back into Ipkiss' pajamas.

Corrected entry: In the scene where The Mask is flushing Dorian down the pool, the water is swirling the wrong direction for where they live.

Correction: It's a myth that the Coriolis force has a significant effect on the direction that water swirls down a drain. You would have to drain a small ocean to see the effect. See

J I Cohen

Continuity mistake: When Stanley is in jail, he put toilet papers on the toilet seat. But a few seconds later the toilet paper is not on the toilet. (01:10:35 - 01:13:10)

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The Mask: It's party time. P, A, R, T. Y? Because I gotta!

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Trivia: When Stanley, as the Mask, is emptying his pockets for the goons, he pulls out a condom, and says "Sorry, wrong pocket" - this was improvised on the spot by Jim Carrey for the scene.


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Question: The question of the car braking is to why is the car actually braking. I understand why it makes a screeching noise as the car brakes, but what I don't understand is why a car would brake automatically. I mean, you have to push the brake pedal to operate the brakes, cars don't brake automatically. When Stanly is driving the car, there wouldn't be a need for him to accelerate and brake like that, so why does the car keep braking?


Chosen answer: It's an old car, so obviously a numbr of things could be wrong with it, like the clutch or the engine. Faults with either of these things would cause a car to brake in this way.

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