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Corrected entry: Phil, Alan, and Stu realize they took Doug on his mattress up to the roof as a joke after the wild night of partying. But when the guys view the pictures on the camera after the wedding, a picture is shown showing Doug on his mattress BEFORE they went to Mike Tyson's place with Doug following along.


Correction: Stu only mentions that they might have carried Doug up on his mattress to the roof. Given they didn't remember anything from the night before and the number of events that occurred, there's no reason why they might not have had the mattress up there already and carried just him up later on, resulting in the other photos being taken "out of order".


Corrected entry: In the end sequence of pictures from the digital camera, one photograph shows Ed Helms smiling with his missing tooth several images before the series where he is shown pulling it out in a bloody mess.

Correction: The pictures aren't necessarily in chronological order, just grouped according to common theme.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Stu calls Alan 'Stu' at the breakfast table by the pool the morning after. When Alan shows Stu the baby pseudo-masturbating he says, "Stu Alan, not cool. The actor then bows his head and bites his lip - he knows he messed up. It still made the final cut.

Anna Lei

Correction: Stu says "Dude, Alan, not cool." Dude is said quicker and a bit softer than the rest of the line.

Corrected entry: The guys spend the majority of the night on their crazy adventure which lasts well into the wee hours of the early morning. So how did they find the time to completely trash their hotel room?

Correction: They woke up in their hotel room didn't they? So the had to come back at some point to fall asleep, even bringing the tiger with them. So obviously they partied for a bit before passing out and locked the tiger in their bathroom.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: In the final scene of the movie, when the guys are deciding whether or not to review the pictures on the camera, Phil says "I want to see why I had to go to the hospital. Is that on there?" Alan answers, "Yeah it is on there." But there is no picture on the camera showing why Phil went to the hospital.

Correction: Photos show him body surfing on the roof of the limo - we can assume he fell off and got hurt.


Corrected entry: Why would the guys bother turning the $82,000 in chips into cash? The bag that they stole from Mr. Chou only contained casino chips. Besides, they had just cheated Ceaser's Palace, and the pit bosses/security were onto them. Jade falling from the chair distracted them enough where Alan could get away from the blackjack table, but security would've easily found them when they were cashing the chips. It just seemed like an unnecessary thing to do and it didn't affect the overall plot at all.

Correction: Chips are not legal tender, cash is. Being unnecessary is your opinion, not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When the guys meet Mike Tyson, there are told that Doug's jacket was found in the tiger's cage. However when they are at Tyson's house watching the security cameras, Doug has his jacket the whole time even when they go back to the car.

Correction: While watching the security film Doug does have his jacket on in the beginning while they are walking across the lawn, however when they are walking back to the car with the tiger Doug doesn't have his jacket on, just his white dress shirt.


Corrected entry: Once Stu gets off the phone with his wife, the rest of the guys eventually walk into his room. When Alan walks in the room, he is carrying the plastic grocery bag. When they are walking down the hallway towards the elevator in slo-mo (with the song "Who Let the Dogs Out" playing), Alan doesn't have the plastic bag. When they arrive at the elevator, Alan has the bag again. (00:18:30)


Correction: Alan does a little "jog" when they reach the elevators - and he's the last one to turn the corner - making it appear that he went back to the room to grab his plastic bag and had to "catch up."

Corrected entry: At the scene by the pool, Phil begins writing down the events the characters remember from the night before on a napkin. When the three guys are at Jade's apartment, Phil uncrumples the napkin to begin writing what she tells them. When he uncrumples the napkin, it makes a rather loud noise like he was uncrumpling writing paper. The noise would not have occurred because of the soft texture of the napkin.

Correction: He writes the list on a piece of folded over paper, not a napkin.

Corrected entry: When the guys are racing back to the wedding, there is a scene where their tuxedos are being passed to them from a moving van. Once the van moves away, a freeway sign is visible saying the junction to Interstate 215 is 2 and half miles away. But the freeway that leads from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is the 215 freeway, indicating they are driving in the opposite direction. (01:35:55)

Correction: Untrue. The main routes connecting Las Vegas and Los Angeles are I-15 (which generally runs north/south) and I-10 (which generally runs east/west). The two interstates intersect in San Bernardino, which is the metropolitan area I-215 serves.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The Encore isn't completely built in some scenes, but it is in other scenes.

Correction: Its not the Encore being built it is Fountain Blue. Encore was completed and opened about the same time as the filming.

Corrected entry: When Stu looks at his missing tooth in the shiny dinner plate, the reflection shows the missing tooth being on the left; although in later shots his missing tooth is also on the left side. The reflected image shown onscreen should have been reversed, but was neglected during editing.

Jake Sugden

Correction: It's on the right side in the mirror image, i.e. on his right side, and that's where the tooth is pulled out all along.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the tiger wakes up while they're driving in Alan's father's car, they run into several other vehicles, which smashes the front bumper of the Mercedes. Soon after, the car's exterior is in perfect condition.


Correction: They only side-swipe a bus, hitting it with the front-left of the car. No other cars are hit and the font bumper in fully intact when they come to a stop. When the guys are pushing the car, black streak marks can clearly be seen on the side of the car, from the side of the bumper (front-left) to the driver door.


Corrected entry: This concerns Doug being on the roof and the mattress being on the roof. First, the guys assumed that Doug had "thrown his mattress out of the window". How could you throw a mattress out of a window and have it land on a roof? Secondly, when the guys are waiting for the valet outside of the hotel and notice the crew of people removing the mattress from the roof, wouldn't those workers up there have noticed Doug on the roof? Wouldn't Doug have yelled for help?

Correction: Firstly, the guys never ever said that it was 'thrown from a window', the man they spoke to suggested that's how it came to be on the statue. Secondly the statue is significantly lower than the top of the roof, so there is absolutely no mistake for Doug to have thrown the mattress off the roof, and DOWN onto the statue. Because the workers only went as high as the statue, they would have been nowhere near the roof, and Doug is suffering from the effects of heat and isn't in any position to yell for help.


Corrected entry: When the guy missing a tooth is looking at himself , a cameraman is visible in the chrome bumper.

Correction: When watching this scene, there were many objects reflected in the 'bumper' and the main flat part of the tray. There was nothing reflected that resembled a person with or without a camera.


Corrected entry: After the meat is given to the tiger, the guy runs back though the door. When filmed in the bathroom, he does not quite make it through the door and the tiger is real close to him and the door. It's almost as if he shuts the door before he gets out. But in the shot outside the bathroom, he has a wide open door and leaps out with ease.

Correction: He is seen opening the door (viewed from inside the bathroom), quickly steps out and shutting it behind him (viewed from outside the bathroom). Note the darts on the outside of the door. He does not close it first.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they wake up from the previous night a close up of Stu's face shows a can of Monster. When zoomed out the can is nowhere to be found.

Correction: After you notice the can of monster is gone you can see Phil drinking the can. It can be assumed (with out being to presumptous) that Phil grabbed the can.


Corrected entry: When the three men are in the cop car and pull into the wedding chapel, Allan opens the door from the back seat. Those doors can only be opened from the outside, for obvious reasons.

Correction: Though most police cruisers have it to where you can only open the back from the outside, some have a lock where the police officer can allow the back seat occupant to open the door themselves.

Corrected entry: In the Scene where the guys go to the wedding chapel, While they are talking to Eddie, You can see a camera to the left of the screen when the shot is on the guys. (00:40:40)

Correction: The camera you see is a prop within the movie, for videotaping weddings. It is not one of the cameras used for filming this movie.

Corrected entry: Baby "Carlos"/Tyler, is two different babies. When they get to the stripper's house and Alan is carrying him, you can tell that it is a different baby than before.

Correction: How can you tell? Be specific. If there's a notable change, what is it? Don't just say "you can tell", give people something concrete to look for, because something that's obvious to one person can readily be overlooked by another.

Tailkinker Premium member

It was actually six different babies throughout the movie.

Continuity mistake: The scratches on Phil's neck have completely disappeared by the time they're back for the wedding.

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Phil Wenneck: You're not really wearing that are you?
Alan Garner: Wearing what?
Phil Wenneck: The man purse. You actually gonna wear that or are you just fuckin' with me?
Alan Garner: It's where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it's not a purse, it's called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.
Phil Wenneck: So does Joy Behar.

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Trivia: Ed Helms' toothless grin was emblazoned on posters for The Hangover and it turns out the holey smile wasn't just a gag. "It is totally real," Helms, 35, tells People. "I have an implant. An adult tooth never came in and when I was 16, they did a permanent implant." "We started to do different tests with prosthetics and blacking it out and nothing worked, " Helms says. "I wasn't eager to take out my implant because my mouth is healthy, but I talked to my dentist and he was like, 'Yeah we can do it!' My dentist was really into it."

Tricia Webster Premium member

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Question: How does Phil end up in the hospital? They said it was in the pictures but I didn't see anything, just him in the hospital.

Answer: In the pictures, it is Stu that is fighting with Wayne Newton. It could be assumed that Phil got involved afterwards, but it is never shown.

Answer: They show Phil in the pictures hanging out the with Carrot Top and getting punched by Wayne Newton; the fight with Wayne landed Phil in the hospital.

Tricia Webster Premium member

Answer: He got kicked in the ribs from the tiger, dry humping it in the back of a stolen police car.

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