The Love Bug

The Love Bug (1968)

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the El Dorado road race, you can see Herbie leaving the grid when the starter waves the green flag, but after a quick cut to Jim, Carole and Tennessee in Herbie, we see the other cars and Herbie is leaving the grid for a second time.

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Suggested correction: If you look at where Herbie is in the starting field, you see that the only time we see him crossing the starting line, is after the cut scene inside the car. The scene before that, when he starts moving, we see him from his position in the field, not crossing the starting line.

Plot hole: When Jim is shown what he has to pay for the damages Herbie did to Mr. Wu's shop he says he has no money. First off if he had no money how in the world was he able to put down any money on the red sports car he had just purchased that night? Secondly, what happened to the prize money from all the races he was winning from the previous few months?


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Havershaw: Here it comes again, sir.
Thorndyke: Havershaw, I'm not a cowardly man. But, I am beginning to sense, and that thing is out to get me.
Havershaw: Now, now. None of that, sir. We're not losing our nerve, are we?
Thorndyke: Blast you, Havershaw! How dare you patronize me! I am not losing my nerve.
Havershaw: No, sir. No, sir, of course not. No, no.

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Trivia: The opening scene of the demolition derby cars is footage from the 1966 film "Fireball 500."

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