Batman: Gotham Knight

"Have I Got a Story for You": The kid who doesn't have a story about Batman to share with his friends helps Batman by knocking out the antagonist with his skateboard before he sneaks up on Batman. "Crossfire": Batman shows up at The Narrows and prevents the deaths of Officers Allen and Ramirez from crossfire between The Russian and Sal Maroni. Batman says to the two officers that Gordon has a good judge of character for having the two of them in MCU. "Field Test": Batman's force field deflects a bullet and a gang member is wounded. He takes the injured man to a hospital. He returns the device to Lucius Fox and tells him that it's too powerful and can have serious consequences. "In Darkness Dwells": Batman rescues the cardinal from the sewers and The Scarecrow. "Working Through Pain": Cassandra tells Bruce to leave after he defeats a group of thugs. She mentions that she has instructed him on resisting physical pain as much as possible and there's pain that she can't help him with. In the present story, Batman is confused and afraid and can't step out of the gutter full of guns. "Deadshot": Batman defeats Deadshot. Ronald Marshall (a business associate of Deadshot) and Deadshot are arrested.

Racer X

Cultist: Hey, Bat, when you're flying, what the city look like from up on high?
Batman: It looks dirty.

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