Thick as Thieves

Gabriel (Antonio Banderas) is an undercover cop working with Weber (Robert Forster) to capture Ripley (Morgan Freeman). Ripley already knew that Gabriel is a cop. Gabriel gives the Faberge eggs to Nicky (Rade Serbedzija) and he releases Alexa (Radha Mitchell). When the cops and the FBI have in custody a man who is supposedly Nicky, Gabriel looks at mug shots and realizes that Nicky is really Victor Korolenko (Alexa's father). Victor didn't die at the beginning of the movie. Gabriel realizes that Ripley, Alexa and her father deceived him the whole time. Korolenko and Ripley leave the country with the Faberge eggs. Gabriel goes back to the Russian club and talks with Alexa. They dance and she tells him that their relationship was real...


Plot hole: While breaking into the vault, Gabe and Ripley use a reciprocating saw to cut a block from the concrete wall. The block is several feet thick, quite beyond the reach of a saw of the sort. The view after the block is cut also shows no holes where they would have had to drill to get the cut started. (00:56:00)


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