Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Factual error: When Larry and Amelia's plane takes off, the cables it is held onto easily rip off from the canvas. For security measures, a real cable would be made of steel, therefore ripping the structure instead of just snapping like a string.

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Factual error: On the shoulder of the Tuskegee Airmen, their 'American Flag' patch is seen having 50 stars. At the time of WWII, the US flag only had 48, and 48 would have been the number they'd wear.

Factual error: Larry and Amelia Earhart both fly the Wright Flyer using a stick control. It was actually controlled using a mechanism attached to the pilot's hips whereby he could turn the aircraft by shifting his body from side to side.

Factual error: When Larry and Amelia enter the VJ day at Times Square photo (AKA kissing sailor) we get to see what was in front of the sailor and nurse but Alfred Eisenstaedt, the photographer who took the picture, is nowhere to be seen.

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Factual error: The billboards behind the kissing sailor and nurse photograph don't match the ones from the real photo.

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Factual error: Whenever Ivan the Terrible summons his guards he says "streltsy" which actually translates to "archers".

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Suggested correction: Streltsy translates to "shooter", but they were an elite unit of the military and part of their duties included being personal bodyguards of the tsar.


Factual error: The combination is set to a high-decimal count of Pi (3.14159265), but pi wasn't calculated to that precision until the 15th century. The Egyptians did have a rough estimate of pi, but not that good.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene with Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch, watch Darth Vader's eyes. You can see the light screens and crew reflected in his eyes in every shot.


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Larry Daley: This is the Smithsonian! This is the big leagues!

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Question: At the end of the movie Amelia and Larry are saying their goodbyes - Larry tries to bring up what will happen to Amelia at sunrise, and Amelia says that she knows what will become of her. Is it implied that Amelia will not make it back to the Smithsonian before sunrise and turn to dust, or is it implied that she will make it back, but will not be able to come to life at night due to not having the tablet near her?


Chosen answer: Amelia has no idea about the turning to dust at sunset consequence, but what she does know is she will disappear and not be found, as what happened to the real Amelia Earhart.


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