Captain America

Captain America (1990)


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Sam Kolawetz: Captain America, ya gotta help us. There was a scientist, eh, an Italian, eh, her name was eh... Doctor, eh, Vaseline?

Dr. Maria Vaselli: Because of you I have the chance to make a wrong thing right. I thank you for that.

Red Skull: Assassination isn't worth the trouble. It took me two years to find Sirhan. Three to find Oswald. The King job alone cost me over twenty million dollars. What do we get for our pains? Saints. Martyrs to the cause.

Red Skull: We are both tragedies... And now I send our tortured souls to rest.
Captain America: Speak for yourself.

Red Skull: You remain a poor choice, little brother.
Captain America: Stop calling me your brother.

Captain America: Mr. President... Thanks.

Continuity mistake: When Captain America is attached to the rocket, his shield is behind him, but when he wakes up after leaving the iceblock, the shield is already attached to his arm.

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