Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Character mistake: When everyone starts counting down to blow up the Violet Dwarf, everyone starts at 10 downwards. Yet 40 seconds later, they are still counting down. (01:19:40)

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Suggested correction: Its very common for movies and TV shows to do this. Just because they say 10 seconds doesn't they can't spend more time going through the thoughts in Fry's head.

Continuity mistake: When the Planet Express ship bursts into the explosion ceremony Bender is wearing a Feministas mask. When the No.9 Man talks to the encyclopod he is no longer wearing it, it reappears when the encyclopod flies off and Zapp Brannigan tries to arrest them. (01:25:00)


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Trivia: When Bender is first shown in the drawing room at the headquarters of The League Of Robots (with the fireplace), on the walls can be seen paintings of "Robbie The Robot" (from Forbidden Planet, et. al.), and "Robot" from Lost In Space. (00:38:00)

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