Bruno (2009)

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Character mistake: When Bruno is picking up baby OJ, on the subtitles it says '13 pounds of black gold' whereas Bruno says 'vierzehn' which, in German means 14, not 13.


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Question: Why wasn't Sacha Baron Cohen arrested for secretly filming people having sex without their permission? Also, what was up with the scene where the camper knocks the camera over? Did he realise what was going on? What happened after?


Chosen answer: Because this film was staged even more than Borat was.

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Answer: This is not a hidden camera movie. Everyone filmed believes they are being filmed for a documentary. So the swingers knew they were going to be filmed, but didn't know the shenanigans SBC was going to pull. The camper dude probably started realizing there was something weird going on and got mad that he was being made fun of, so knocked over the camera.

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