Mannequin (1987)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Emme is flying through the store, you can clearly see a rope guiding the path of the glider.

Continuity mistake: When Emma and Jonathan are preparing for their motorcycle ride, her hair looks freshly done. They walk outside and the top of her hair looks flattened.

Continuity mistake: In several scenes, McCarthy's shoes change back-and-forth between multicolored bowling shoes and white tennis shoes. Scenes include a motorcycle/car chase.

Continuity mistake: When Capt. Maxwell and Mr. Richards are chasing Jonathan and Emmy on the motorcycle, the amount of shoe polish on the Captain's face changes from when he first applied it while looking in the rear view mirror of his car.


Continuity mistake: When Jonathan is trying to tell Roxie about his first encounter with Emmy, his left hand keeps switching from being on the car to being on his head each time the camera swtiches back and forth to him and then to Roxie.


Continuity mistake: Jonathan only manages to make one mannequin - the one who comes alive as Emmy. But when they show him first making her, and then later when he finds her again at Prince and Co, the two bear no resemblance - facial features, hair, and figure are all vastly different.

Deliberate mistake: When Jonathan and Emma are beginning to know each other, they make their way to the wood shop, where Emma picks up an "air powered tool". The tool is a staple gun, but shoots two 3" nails close to Jonathan.

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Emma and Jonathan are playing "Dress up", Jonathan is seen playing the organ. Then the shot pans to Emma dancing on the balcony. If you pay close attention at this point, you can see a heavy contrast in color.

Continuity mistake: When Hollywood is blasting the police officers with the water from the fire hose, the officers' uniforms are getting soaked. In the next shot, the uniforms are miraculously dry.


Jonathan Switcher: Hollywood I don't know about men's thighs, they look fine to me.
Hollywood Montrose: Albert called me 'cellulite city'.

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